To the Editor: St. Mary’s Parish School Celebrates 114 Years with 30 High School Graduates

All students are continuing on to college in the fall

In June of 1899, St. Mary’s School graduated its first eighth grade class. Nellie Roach, a member of that class was determined to finish her education under the guidance of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Though reluctant at first to take on the establishment of a high school, the pastor, Fr. James Donahue, eventually allowed Nellie to stay at St. Mary’s. Nellie became the first graduate of St. Mary’s High School in June of 1903.

Fast-forward 114 years to June 2017, the school today known as St. Mary’s Parish School graduated 30 incredible seniors, each dedicated to their studies as well as service to their school and community. Each and every one of them have been selected to attend the college they have set their hearts on…and the legacy continues.

On Class Night, May 31st, Fr. Frank Lawlor, Pastor of St. Mary’s, awarded Madison Tighe with the Nellie Roach Scholarship in memory of the school’s very first graduate. The recipient of this scholarship is a strong minded, hard-working, diligent young woman who is dedicated to her studies. Madison’s Nelly Roach Scholarship was one of over 50 ‘in-house’ scholarships that were awarded to recognize the unique character of each recipient. Other scholarships included:

  • The Dr. William Lynch Memorial
  • The Lisa Searleman Memorial
  • The William and Loretta Sipitkowski Memorial
  • The Stephen Huffmire Memorial
  • The Arnold Hotaling Memorial
  • The Westfield Women’s Club Scholarship
  • The John S. Lane Inc. Scholarship
  • The Calcasola Scholarship
  • The Subway Scholarships

Most of these scholarships have a description of what the ideal recipient would ‘look like.’ For instance, the Calcasola Scholarship, which is in its last year, was awarded to 10 students who show extreme promise in their future studies was awarded to: Samuel LaBombard, Michael Neilson and Richard Gaudreau (Westfield State University);Will Lucardi (Catholic University of America); John Daley (Springfield College); Andrew Ilnicki (University of New Haven); Ashley Forest (Concordia University); Shaun Gezotis and Ken Bonney (Holyoke Community College); and Brandon Blanchard (University of New Hampshire).

Sincerely, Kim Jaszek

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