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Gateway opens new and improved student store

Student council members Lizzie Bean, Krista Garriepy (pointing), Charlotte LeBarron, Ryan Fisk and Justin Iacovelli serving up healthy snacks at “The Swamp”. (Photo submitted)

HUNTINGTON Gateway Regional High School’s Student Council has opened the student store once again! Now called “The Swamp”, the store is selling healthy and delicious foods to students after school.
“The Swamp” is open from 2 to 2:30 p.m. and is located off the main foyer. Snacks being sold include assorted chips, goldfish, seltzer, Italian ice, chewy bars, poptarts, and the most popular items, popcorn and cookies.
To decide what they would sell, the Student Council consulted the National School Lunch Program regulations, and picked out the foods they thought students would want the most.
“It took us a while to get the store open,” said Student Council member Krista Garriepy, “and even though it’s just the beginning, it’s going to be a huge success.”
“They improved greatly,” said student Ursula Barth, sipping on a seltzer water. “They used creativity and hard work to make it lively and the place to be.”
And lively it is. On just the opening day alone, there was a line of twenty students waiting to get into “The Swamp”—and it continued growing. Student council members Justin Iacovelli, Krista Garriepy, and Ryan Fisk were working quickly and efficiently to get everyone what they needed, and in no time the students made their way in, got what they wanted, and left.
When asked the reason for the new name, Iacovelli replied, “It’s where the gators are, so we figured it was the perfect way to bring in the Gators of the school as well. And it’s working.”
Even though it’s only the beginning, the store is already making a great business. So, students, if you’re looking for a good place to go, “The Swamp” is the place to be!

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