Police Log Friday, Aug. 28, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Friday, Aug. 28, 2020


12:33 a.m.: suspicious vehicle, Norwood Place, a patrol officer reports a parked vehicle was found with plates attached which had been issued to another vehicle, the plates were seized and the officer reports he was unable to contact the owner of the plates but did speak with family members who agreed to ensure the vehicle is towed from where it was parked;
2:01 a.m.: loitering, Chapman Playground, St.Paul Street, a patrol officer reports he observed two persons trespassing at the playground, both were advised of the hours of operation of city parks and playgrounds and the male party (an adult) left the area, the mother of the other person came to the playground to take custody of her daughter;
10:26 a.m.: larceny, Main Street, a caller reports two shoplifters fled the store when accosted, the responding officer reports one suspect was located on the railroad right-of-way and admitted stealing razor cartridges, the officer consulted the store manager who was pleased to recover the merchandise and declined to pursue criminal charges, the man was served with a ‘No trespassing’ order;
1:09 p.m.: weather complaint, Church Street, a caller reports tree fell on his parked truck while he was in a restaurant, the responding officer reports a bunch of a tree fell on the truck while it was parked in a municipal parking lot causing damage, the complainant was referred to City Hall and his insurance company;
3:27 p.m.: accident, Shaker Road, a caller reports a car struck a tree and the operator is out of the vehicle but appears to be confused, dual response dispatched, the responding officer reports the operator was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital and the car was towed to the police impound yard;
11:49 p.m.: noise complaint, Bush Street, a caller reports a loud college-aged party, the responding officer reports no noise was heard on the street upon his arrival at a gathering of 10-12 persons, the residents were advised of the complaint and asked to be quieter.


10:04 a.m.: animal complaint, College Highway, a concerned citizen called regarding a dog left alone in a vehicle parked in the sun at Town Hall, the responding officer located the vehicle and the owner was inside less than five minutes but was advised of the dangers of leaving a dog in the car;

12:15 p.m.: recovered property, Depot Street, a stolen vehicle was recovered;

12:55 p.m.: traffic complaint, Mort Vining Road, a bicyclist called to report speeding vehicles, an officer reports no violations observed at that time;

2:59 p.m.: scam, Gloria Drive, an officer advised a resident no to give out p[ersonal information after a possible social security scam was reported;

3:22 p.m.: threats, Depot Street, a resident reports he is receiving threats via text and social media from unknown individuals stating they want to beat him up, police advised him to delete his social media accounts and contact police if confronted;

11:17 p.m.: officer wanted, Fernwood Road, police assisted a resident with an unwanted intoxicated male;

11:41 p.m.: motor vehicle complaint, College Highway, a caller reports a vehicle at a fast food restaurant that was occupied by one or more impaired subjects, police advised all parties.

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