Police Log Friday, Jan. 17, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Friday, Jan. 17, 2020

10:09 a.m.: assist other agency, Russellville Road, a patrol officer detailed to advise the defendant of a restraining order that she must surrender her license to carry firearms reports he was unable to find the woman but eventually was able to speak with her on the phone, the officer reports the woman said that she surrendered her LTC to Southampton police who confirmed receipt of the license;
1:59 p.m.: suspicious container, Franklin Street at Elm Street, a caller reports seeing a gallon bucket labeled “warning flammable,” dual response dispatched, an officer reports the bucket had been rolling in the wind earlier and had been placed on the side then, the fire department response was canceled;
1:49 p.m.: disturbance City Hall, 59 Court St., a Registry of Motor Vehicles employee reports a male party punched a hole in the wall, the responding office reports a person was late for his appointment and punched the wall when he learned that he would have to reschedule his test, a Community Service Unit reports the man agreed to make restitution;
3:09 p.m.: assist resident, Washington Street, a caller requests police assistance to retrieve property at a residence he is barred from by a ‘No trespassing’ order, the responding officer reports the man collected his belongings without incident;
7:27 p.m.: animal complaint, Shepard Street, a caller reports taking custody of a stray cat in need of medical care, the responding officer reports he transported the cat to the station where an animal control officer transferred it to the municipal animal shelter;
10:15 p.m.: assist resident, Fowler Street, a caller reports she returned him to find her front door wide open, the responding officers report a check of the interior revealed nothing amiss.

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