Police Log Friday, July 24, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Friday, July 24, 2020


8:21 a.m.: vandalism, Boys and Girls Club, West Silver Street, a caller reports that the club was entered overnight and racial slurs were left on bulletin boards, the responding detective reports that a review of security video tentatively identified one of the intruders, the investigation is incomplete;
8:44 a.m.: identity fraud, Steiger Drive, a resident reports via the on-line reporting option that a fraudulent unemployment claim was made in his name;
9:19 a.m.: vandalism, Great River Bridge, Elm Street, a caller from the DPW reports the flower planters on both spans of the Great River Bridge were vandalized overnight, the incident was referred to the Community Service Unit;
11:05 a.m.: animal complaint, West School Street, an animal control officer report she responded to a complaint of residents trapping wild animals and found that a skunk was then in a trap at the property, the ACO reports the homeowner was advised of legalities of trapping and relocating wildlife and assisted in the release of the skunk, the resident was advised that the Environmental Police would be informed since it is the second such incident;
11:59 a.m.: disturbance, Broad Street, a caller from a Broad Street nursing home report a male party at the curb is creating a disturbance because he is barred by a ‘No trespassing’ order from visiting a relative, the responding officer reports the man denied yelling at anyone and was advised of potential disturbing the peace charges, the man left the area without further incident;
4:44 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Franklin Street, a patrol officer reports a verbal warning for jaywalking was issued;
4:52 p.m.: recreational vehicle complaint, St.Pierre Lane, a caller reports children are operating dirt bikes in the roadway, the responding officer reports he spoke with 13-year-old children and educated them about the reasons for laws regulating the use of dirt bikes in the street;
5:08 p.m.: animal complaint, Ridgecrest Circle, a caller reports locating a feral cat with four kittens under a house, the responding animal control officer reports the kittens were transported to the municipal animal shelter and traps were set for their mother;
9:51 p.m.: larceny, East Main Street, a caller reports she observed three male parties take bundles of firewood from a supermarket display and leave in an identified car, the responding officer reports he sought the vehicle at it’s registered Berkshire Drive address and identified three youths around a backyard fire who admitted stealing the wood from the closed supermarket, the officer spoke with the store manager who said the he would be satisfied with payment for the firewood, the officer reports one of the youths and his father said that they would go to the store to make reparations.



11:24 a.m.: officer wanted, North Boat Ramp, a caller requested assistance with two kayakers, upon police arrival, the subjects had left the area;

3:18 p.m.: officer wanted, Beach Road, a resident requested assistance in filing a report of missing jewelry;

4:25 p.m.: officer wanted, South Longyard Road, the owner of vegetable fields reports issues with quads being driven through the fields;

5:37 p.m.: parking violation, Legion Road, a tent company’s vehicles were parked on the roadside while setting up at a residence;

7:36 p.m.: officer wanted, Point Grove Road, the owner of a restaurant called to report a patron was upset that she would not serve him alcohol, the customer was standing and informed that he needed to be seated to be served, the patron yelled at her and left the premises;

8:00 p.m.: general service, Powder Mill Road, police assisted with community service at the drive-in movie;

8:36 p.m.: concerned citizen, Berkshire Avenue, a resident reports an unknown boat floating in the lake, police contacted the owner who stated he recently sold the boat, police are following up;

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