Police Log Friday, June 19, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Friday, June 19, 2020


1:40 a.m.: suspicious vehicle, Russellville Road, a parol officer reports a check revealed a vehicle’s registration to have been cancelled, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard;
6:30 a.m.: suspicious activity, Joseph Avenue, a caller reports that she was outside when she heard what she thought was a BB gun discharge and believes she heard a BB pass near her, the responding officer reports he spoke with a neighbor who acknowledged shooting a BB at a chipmunk and said that the BB bounced off his stone fire pit, the man apologized and said that he was not aware anyone was outside as a fence and bushes block his view, the man was advised to take more care of his surroundings when shooting, the caller was advised of the conversation and said she did not require a formal report;
10:11 a.m.: city ordinance violation, Bates Street, a Community Service Unit officer reports that he left a message regarding excessively high grass at a Bates Street address for the resident, the officer reports the grass had been mowed when he checked later in the afternoon, the officer reports he made similar notifications later at addresses on King Street and Court Street;
11:46 a.m.: restraining order service, Noble Avenue, an officer detailed to serve a restraining order reports the order was served in hand and he accompanied the defendant to his former address to collect property without incident;
1:45 p.m.: illegal dumping, Sackett Street, a Community Service Unit officer report he observed large pile of trash on the river walk and notified a DPW supervisor to have it removed;
2:43 p.m.: found property, Main Street, a supervisory officer reports he was approached by a supermarket manager who surrendered a lost wallet which had been turned in at the store, the wallet was stored for safe keeping;
4:42 p.m.: liquor law violation, Main Street, a patrol officer reports he observed a male party with an open can of beer and issued a verbal warning;
5:11 p.m.: animal complaint, Westfield Animal Shelter, 178 Apremont Way, an animal control officer requests an officer to take custody of an item found tied to a chicken, the responding officer reports the chicken was reportedly found in a cemetery and surrendered at the shelter with a package tied to it neck, the package was accepted and found to contain a powder-like substance;
9:08 p.m.: fireworks, Massey Street, a caller reports a fireworks in the area, the responding officer reports no fireworks were found, an officer responded later to a similar report on Union Street with similar results;
9:53 p.m.: fireworks, Pinewood Lane, a caller reports fireworks liquor and loud music before hanging up, the responding officer reports he found a party which was not overly loud, the officer reports the host denied fireworks at the graduation party and agreed turn off the outside music, see next entry;
11:00 p.m.: noise complaint, Pinewood Lane, a caller reports party guests are speeding up and down the street on motorcycles and quads, the responding office reports a city ordinance violation citation for noise was used and the party was ended, the host apologized for the disturbance and said that some his guests who were not fit to drive would stay at his home overnight;
11:01 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Whitney Playground, Shepard Street, a patrol officer reports a routine check of the playground revealed a vehicle occupied by two persons who were advised the relevant city ordinance and left the area.



4:12 a.m.: concerned citizen, Wynnfield Circle,  a newspaper carrier reports a pickup truck in a driveway has an open door and no one appears to be in the area, the owner was contacted and it was left open by mistake;

11:14 a.m.: officer wanted, a former Southwick resident called to speak to an officer regarding the sale of property and her ex, police report that neither party lives in the state and the property in question is in Deerfield and referred the caller to civil court;

2:07 p.m.: accident, College Highway, a caller reports an accident that took place earlier;

4:52 p.m.: paperwork service, College Highway, a harassment order was served;

6:42 p.m.: officer wanted, Point Grove Road, the owner of a liquor store requests assistance with a Florida identification card damaged by the card reader;

8:16 p.m.: found property, Depot Street, a wallet belonging to a Southwick resident was returned after being found in Springfield;

8:41 p.m.: recreational watercraft complaint, North Boat Ramp, a caller reports two jet skis operating erratically;9:37 p.m.: fireworks complaint, Depot Street, police were unable to locate the source of fireworks.

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