Police Log Friday, June 26, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Friday, June 26, 2020


1:01 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, North Elm Street, a caller reports an employee was intoxicated when she arrived for work and was sent home, the caller said that when a vehicle arrived to pick her up she took control of it, the responding officer reports the woman was found in a car with the engine engaged in a parking lot, an officer reports that during the investigation it was found that the woman’s five-year-old son and been left unattended in her Agawam residence, Agawam police were notified and report that there are two dogs in the unlocked residence, the male party who had come to Westfield to get the woman was transported to the residence to secure the dogs and Agawam police report the Department of Children and Families was contacted to take custody of the child overnight, the man was deemed to be too intoxicated to care for himself and was placed in protective custody, Shannon Aimee Schoppman, 42, of 29 Colonial Ave., Agawam, was arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor;
5:46 a.m.: disturbance, Westfield Industrial Park Road, a caller reports that while operating her vehicle she was cut off and when she pulled over the vehicle returned and a male party who exited got out and approached her, the woman said the she warned the man that she would “mace him” if he came closer and said when he continued toward her she used her pepper spray, the responding officers report they spoke with both involved parties, an incident report was filed;
12:46 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Whitney Playground, Sackett Street, a Community Service Unit supervisory officer reports he encountered four male parties swimming in the river, the officer report the swimmers were cooperative and apologetic when advised of the pertinent city ordinances and left the area;
1:41 p.m.: disturbance, East Main Street, a caller from an East Main Street store reports an employee was asked to leave the store after yelling at customers and creating a disturbance and is now in the parking lot, the responding officer reports he spoke with the former employee at a bus stop who said he had been upset due to an interaction with his manager, the man was advised to stay away from the store for a while;
4:52 p.m.: found property, East Main Street, an officer reports finding a vehicular registration plate in the roadway, the plate was found to belong to a Springfield resident and police in that city were asked to make contact with the owner;
5:34 p.m.: disturbance, North Elm Street, a patrol officer reports a road rage incident, the officer reports seeing a stopped vehicle blocking traffic while the operator yelled at another driver, the officer report he advised both parties of “the harsh realities and legal consequences” of road rage incidents;
7:50 p.m.: officer wanted, Root Road, a caller reports about 15 youths are playing on a soccer field without masks and are not maintaining a ‘social distance’, the responding officer reports an attempt to contact a person responsible for the field was unsuccessful but the facility appears to be open for the youths who told the officer that they were allowed to be there to practice because it was outside;
8:41 p.m.: noise complaint, Notre Dame Street at Collins Street, a caller reports a loud party with possible underage drinking, the responding officer reports the party’s music was not disturbing the peace but the tenants agreed to turn it off and go inside when advised of the complaint;
9:17 p.m.: burning complaint, Belden Drive, firefighters responding to a burning complaint report residents were found enjoying a small backyard fire and were observing all fire regulations;
11:19 p.m.:
disturbance, Orange Street, a caller reports a loud college-aged party has been underway since 8:30 p.m. with guests screaming and urinating on a building, the responding officers report the party goers were not local and were sternly advised of the consequences of a subsequent noise complaint, the tenants agreed to go inside and keep the noise down;
11:27 p.m.: noise complaint, Prospect Street, a caller complains of a loud gathering, the responding officer reports the tenant was advised to move the party inside and to dump water on a fire smoldering in a fire pit.



2:38 a.m.: general services, Blackberry Crescent Circle, water appears to be spilling from a vehicle into Granby, Conn,;

8:16 a.m.: animal complaint, Tannery Road, a resident states she put her husky on its run at midnight and at 3 a.m. the dog was fine but at 4 a.m. it was missing, the animal control officer reports the dog does not have a license;

8:55 a.m.: alarm, Patriots Way, a resident reports hearing an alarm in the neighborhood for more than an hour, the sound was from a faulty alarm;

10:59 a.m.: concerned citizen, Vining Hill Road, two youths reported playing near the bridge, subjects were advised;

12:40 p.m.: animal complaint, South Loomis Street, a caller reports a bear and cub in the area;

3:05 p.m.: officer wanted, George Loomis Road, a resident reports a ehicle with a male and female pulled into the driveway and said she was there to pick up cat treats, the woman said she was part of a Facebook group that gifts items but was given the wrong address;

5:59 p.m.: accident, South Longyard Road, a two-vehicle accident without injury was reported,

6:20 p.m.: officer wanted, Feeding Hills Road, a caller reports a friend possibly taking items from her home, she was advised it was a civil matter;

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