Police log Friday, May 14, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Friday, May 14, 2021


9:36 a.m.: accident, Maple Street, a caller reports a two motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Maple Street and West Silver Street, the responding officer reports that he asked the fire department and an ambulance to respond, another officer reports that two tow trucks were requested to remove the vehicles from the scene, the responding ambulance reports that one person refused medical attention;

10:20 a.m.: animal complaint, Prospect Street Extension, an animal control officer reports that a female party brought a calico cat to the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter after she had seen the cat in her neighborhood for about a year;

12:17 p.m.: automobile fire, Union Street, a caller reports an automobile fire on Union Street, the caller reports that everyone was able to safely exit the vehicle, the responding fire captain reports that the fire was extinguished;

2:54 p.m.: hit and run accident, Franklin Street, multiple callers report that a motor vehicle struck a fire hydrant and subsequently fled the scene, a responding officer reports that he located a vehicle matching the description given by the callers, another officer reports that one tow truck was requested to remove the vehicle from the scene, the water department reports that the fire hydrant will be out of service due to damage sustained from the vehicle;

6:13 p.m.: disturbance, Morris Street, a caller reports that there is a group of approximately 10 youths running around in the street and causing a disturbance, the responding officer reports that the youths dispersed upon the officer’s arrival, the officer reports that the youths were advised of the complaint and told to leave their neighbors alone;

6:24 p.m.: animal complaint, Sunflower Lane, a caller reports that she and her friend discovered a cat with an apparent paw injury that was sitting in a wheelbarrow, the responding animal control officer reports that the cat ran off when she arrived;

7:59 p.m.: animal complaint, Bates Street, a caller reports that a friendly stray kitten keeps returning to her property, dispatch reports that the caller brought the kitten to the Westfield Police Headquarters and that it would be transported to the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter.


9:36 a.m.: officer wanted, Feeding Hills Road, a syringe was found at the end of a driveway and disposed of properly;

12 p.m.: fire, College Highway, an officer used an extinguisher from a cruiser to knock out a small fire behind a building to keep it from spreading to the natural gas line;

2:55 p.m.: disorderly person, Berkshire Avenue, a caller reports his girlfriend too drugs and was running down the street, she was found and evaluated;

4:09 p.m.: officer wanted, Sawmill Park, a resident reports computer hacking;

7:15 p.m.: officer wanted, North Lake Avenue, a reporting party wants to document a threatening note from a neighbor stating a trespass order would be filed against her for turning around in their parking area;

9:55 p.m.: recreational vehicle violation, Lauren Lane, quads or dirtbikes reported on the roadway.

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