Police Log Friday, Nov. 1, 2019

Major crime and incident report
Friday, Nov. 1, 2019

1:16 a.m.: college related disturbance, Franklin Street, a caller reports a large college party with underage drinking, the responding officer reports upon arrival he heard persons yelling and observed beer cans discarded around the involved house, the officer reports the tenant he initially spoke with was confrontational but his roommates responded appropriately and about 75 youths left the building some of whom “were clearly under the age of 21,” city ordinance violations for keeping a nuisance house were issued to five tenants;
2:49 a.m.: weather complaint, Montgomery Street, a caller reports wires which appear to be power lines are down in the roadway, the G&E dispatcher was notified, the responding officer reports that both power and cable wires are down, the officer reports that the responding G&E crew had cleared the roadway by 4:38 a.m.:
4:02 a.m.: weather complaint, North West Road, a caller reports the road is impassable due to a fallen tree, the responding officer reports he removed a tree limb from the roadway;
8:02 a.m.: accident, Southampton Road at Airport Road, a caller reports a two-car crash, the responding officer reports one of the involved operators was pregnant and was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital, her vehicle was towed from the scene;
10:36 a.m.: assist resident, Westfield Police Department, 15 Washington St., a resident came to the station to dispose of a firearm which had belonged to her father, the responding officer reports he advised the woman that the gun was of real value and explained how she could sell it;
11:17 a.m.: fraud, Southampton Road, a caller reports that a customer made a substantial purchase with a credit card which was subsequently fount be fraudulent, the responding officer reports the victim said that a caller had ordered 20 tires and had paid the almost $3,400 charge with a credit card, the victim said that he requested identification but ultimately none was provided, the victim told the responding detective that he was not able to pick up his purchase and asked that the tires be left outside for pickup by his agent, a South Hadley towing company reportedly picked up the tires and delivered them to a Boston address, a representative of the towing company said that they had been contracted by phone and paid with a credit card, the detective reports his investigation is ongoing;
12:56 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Russell Road, a caller reports a vehicle is operating erratically on Russell Road, a patrol officer reports the vehicle was stopped on Franklin Street and it’s registration was found to be expired and non renewable, the vehicle was towed;
1:31 p.m.: found property, Flynn Meadow Road, a caller reports finding a hand gun atop an electrical maintenance box, the responding officer reports the airsoft pellet gun was transported to the station for safe keeping;
4:24 p.m.: found property, a person came to the State Police barracks at Sgt. T. M. Dion Way to report finding a rifle with a scope leaning against a tree while he was mountain biking, the responding officer reports the man showed him the rifle and the pellet gun was transported to the station for safe keeping, the owner subsequently called the station seeking his property and was advised to come to the station to get it
7:09 p.m.: found property, Elm Street, a caller from an Elm Street night spot reports finding a plastic bag which may contain narcotics, the responding detective reports he took custody of the bag which appeared to contain contraband and would be tested;
7:30 p.m.: vandalism, Billy Bullens Field, King Street Extension, the high school athletic director reports that during the football game a sink in the men’s bathroom at the field was smashed;
8:29 p.m.: arrest, Morris Street, officers detailed to seek the subject of an active warrant report the man was located, Adam P. Cloutier, 28, of 125 Main St., Apt. 209, was arrested on the warrant issued in 2019 by the Westfield district court;
9:24 p.m.: disturbance, Elm Street, a caller from an Elm Street bar reports a physical altercation, the responding officer reports that two male parties who had left the bar had reportedly assaulted a third man by punching and kicking him, the offer reports that the suspects were identified and criminal complaints for assault and battery were issued, in addition, each suspect was served a ‘No trespassing’ order for the bar;
10:08 p.m.: vandalism, North Elm Street, a caller from a North Elm Street night spot called to follow up on an incident which occurred the night before, the responding officer reports that the caller said that a male party who had been denied entry damaged the bar’s sign as he left, the suspect was identified and charges are pending;
10:37 p.m.: liquor law violation, Jefferson Street, a Community Service Unit officer reports he observed a male party carrying a bag full of cans and a pack of alcoholic seltzer, the officer reports the youth said that the bag contained beer and that he was 20-years-old, the officer reports he advised the your man of the pertinent laws and ordinances and required him to empty the containers before issuing a city ordinance violation citation, an assisting officer reports he observed two male parties subsequently found to be younger than the legal drinking age come out of a house holding open containers of an alcoholic beverage, city ordinance violation citations were served;
11:30 p.m.: noise complaint, Jefferson Street, a caller reports 100-200 college students at a party are making noise which prevents him from sleeping, the responding officers report two city ordinance violation citations were issued for being persons younger than the legal drinking age in possession of alcohol, the gathering was dispersed and the landlord was notified of the call;
11:35 p.m.: vandalism, Leonard Avenue, a caller reports a car drove down the street several minutes earlier and shot orange paint balls at houses, the responding officer reports he spoke with a homeowner who said that he had already washed the paint ball residue off the house but wanted the incident documented.

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