Police log Friday, Oct. 23, 2020

Major crime and incident report

Friday, Oct. 23, 2020


8:04 a.m.: indecent exposure, Cortez Street, a caller reports that her neighbor across the street is completely nude and performing one-man sex acts while staring at her, the responding officer reports that and incident report was filed and that charges would be filed against the male party;

8:47 a.m.: larceny, St. James Avenue, a caller reports that someone broke into his vehicle the previous night by using a pump and wedge to open the door, the caller reports that he simply wants the incident documented by police;

11:17 a.m.: vandalism, Woodland Avenue, a caller reports that a tire on her vehicle was sliced with a knife, the responding officer filed an incident report;

3:34 p.m.: motor vehicle accident, North Elm Street, a caller reports a two-motor vehicle accident with airbag deployment and fluids leaking on the ground, the responding officer reports that one tow truck arrived to remove a vehicle and one party refused medical attention;

6:24 p.m.: motor vehicle accident, School Street, a caller reports that a youth on a bicycle was struck by a vehicle and the youth appears to be injured, the responding officer reports that the youth refused medical services;

10:07 p.m.:  vandalism, Meadow Street, a caller reports that two youths were spotted grabbing pumpkins off of people’s porches and smashing them, the responding officer reports that a search of the area turned up negative;

11:29 p.m.: disturbance, Lincoln Street, multiple callers report a large group of individuals in the street with some reported to have knives and firearms on their persons, the responding state police trooper reports that there are apparent injuries at the location with one party getting a ride to the hospital, the responding officer reports that Alec Rodriguez, 19, of 79 Franklin Street was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.



6:50 a.m.: officer wanted, Depot Street, a caller requested to speak to an officer regarding a past incident at the Mobil station;

9:50 a.m.: officer wanted, College Highway, a gas station attendant reports a customer left without paying for fuel;

10:50 a.m.: suspicious person, Powder Mill Road, a caller reports six-seven adult males at the playground, the responding officer reports a person at the park said the males left the area and may have been part of a group for people with special needs;

12:48 p.m.: officer wanted, Bugbee Road, a resident reports a fraudulent unemployment claim;

1:20 p.m.: officer wanted, Point Grove Road, a person sought information on a tenant parking an unregistered vehicle on his property after numerous requests to remove it, the landlord was informed “his situation is a landlord tenant issue and he could take whatever action was reasonable to remove the vehicle from his property.”

5:09 p.m.: services rendered, Davis Road, a restraining order was served;

11:30 p.m.: accident, College Highway, a vehicle went into a ditch near the intersection of College Highway and Congamond Road, an officer reports the crash was caused by a second vehicle and information was exchanged on scene.

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