Police Log Friday, Sept. 4, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Friday, Sept. 4, 2020


12:31 a.m.: parking violation, Conner Avenue, a patrol officer reports cars are parked on both sides of the street in a manner which restricts safe passage through the street, the officer reports he was unable to determine which of the vehicles parked directly across the street from each other were parked first;
1:28 a.m.: suspicious person, Skipper Lane, a caller reports a person on his porch appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the responding officer reports the apologetic man said that he had gone out for a walk and had become confused about his location, the man said he had been attempting to ask the resident where he was, the officer ensured that the man returned to his Klondike Avenue residence safely;
1:56 a.m.: alarm, Westfield Technical Academy, 33 Smith Ave., an alarm company reports an intrusion alarm, the responding officer reports three person were found inside the school, Timothy Yurovskiyh, 19, of 2 Ellis St., Westfield, was arrested for being a person younger than the legal drinking age in possession of liquor, breaking and entering and trespass, Leon Peysakov, 18, of 32 Waterford Drive, Westfield, was arrested for breaking and entering and trespass and a juvenile boy was arrested for being delinquent by reason of breaking and entering and trespass;
4:06 a.m.: suspicious activity, Smith Avenue at Franklin Street, patrol officers report two youths were seen to flee from a yard when their cruiser was observed, one youth was recognized and his mother was advised that the boy (who was found to have returned to his bedroom) had snuck out again, a second boy was provided a courtesy transport to his Columbia Street home and family;
12:33 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Tannery Road, a patrol officer reports a citation was issued to a motorist for cell phone use;
1:16 p.m.: breaking and entering, Southampton Road, a convenience store employee reports that while she was working an attempt was made to enter her vehicle which damaged the door handle, the responding officer reports security video will be reviewed;
1:33 p.m.: fraud, Mechanic Street, a resident came to the station to complain that she was victimized by a scam, the responding officer reports the victim said that she had received telephone call purportedly from the SocialSecurity Administration and was scammed out of several thousand dollars;
2:02 p.m.: found property, Union Street, a person came to the station to surrender a found cell phone, the responding officer reports the owner could not be immediately contacted and the phone was stored for safe keeping;
2:24 p.m.: recreational vehicle compliant, Whitney Playground, Shepard Street, a city employee reports a family at the playground is operating a mini ATV and a motorcycle, the responding officer reports he advised the visitors of the pertinent regulations and they left the playground;
3:03 p.m.: abandoned vehicle, North Road, a caller reports a motorbike was found in the woods, the responding officer reports the owner of a scooter/moped found in the woods could not be located and the vehicle was transported to the police impound yard;
4:31 p.m.: recreational vehicle complaint, Bayberry Lane, a caller reports he has located a group of off-road vehicle operators who had previously ridden of farm fields owned by himself and those of a neighboring farmer, the responding officer reports he spoke with the recreational readers who said that they had operated on trails, believed that they had avoided productive lands and offered to make restitution of any damage to crops, the officer also spoke with the caller who showed him places where vegetation had been ridden over but not torn up, the farmer said that he does not require restitution nor did he wish to pursue charges, the riders were advised that they could not in the farming area;
5:41 p.m.: accident, North Road, a caller reports the mirror and windshield of his tractor-trailer unit struck the head of a horse which ran into the roadway, the responding officer reports both the trucker and the owner of the horse said that the horse had bolted into the roadway, no injuries were reported;
8:04 p.m.: found property, East Silver Street, a caller reports finding a hypodermic needle on the sidewalk, the responding officer reports the needle was properly disposed of;
8:26 p.m.: found property, East Silver Street, a patrol officer reports he found a wallet but the owner could not be immediately located, the wallet was stored for safe keeping;
8:46 p.m.: disturbance, Woronoco Avenue, a caller reports a college aged party but did not stay on the line, the responding officer reports a loud party was heard from the street upon arrival, a city ordinance violation citation for noise was issued;
9:22 p.m.: fireworks, Dickens Drive, a caller reports neighbors with a bonfire are detonating fireworks which scare her dog, the responding officer report the resident said that her son had ignited two fireworks left over from the Fourth of July and agreed to put out the bonfire and move her gathering inside.


7:37 a.m.: assist other agency, College Highway, Granby, Conn., police report a hit and run and requested assistance locating a blue Hyundai with front end damage, Southwick police were unable to locate the vehicle;

11:37 a.m.: lost property, Rail Trail, a caller reports losing money, credit cards and a California driver’s license on the trail;

12:22 a.m.: scam, North Loomis Street, a resident reports receiving a social security scam phone call, no information was given;

8:01 p.m.: paper served, Feeding Hills Road, a restraining order was served;

10:45 p.m.: well being check, College Highway, an officer observed two youths in a parking lot of a strip mall, with one youth laying on the ground, all was in order;

11:16 p.m.: fire, Foster Road, Southwick fire department responded to a dumpster fire at a business.

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