Police log Monday, Jan. 4, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Monday, Jan. 4, 2021


10:42 a.m.: theft of motor vehicle plate, Main Street, a caller reports that she received a ticket from the Boston Police Department for an overdue parking ticket in the area in November even though she had not traveled to that area, the caller reports that her front license plate is missing, the responding officer filed in incident report;

11:50 a.m.: suspicious, Ridgecrest Drive, a caller reports that the operator of an apparent oil delivery truck opened their neighbor’s mailbox and went through the mail but ultimately put some things back into the mailbox, the responding officer reports that the company name on the side of the truck does not match any local companies;

9:05 p.m.: suspicious, Russell Road, a caller reports that she heard three taps on her window, the caller reports that her son walked around her house but found nothing, the responding officer reports that the scene was clear.


2:49 p.m.: services were rendered on College Highway for a vehicle with a flat tire;

3:01 p.m.: general service, College Highway, police responded to an auto business where a hypodermic needle was found in the parking lot, the needle was properly disposed of;

6:46 p.m.: officer wanted, Depot Street, a report of identity theft was taken;

10:03 p.m.: suspicious vehicle, South Longyard Road, a car was off the roadway with its radio playing and no one nearby, an officer could not locate the driver of the rented vehicle and it was towed and the rental company contacted.

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