Police Log Monday, June 1, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Monday, June 1, 2020


7:18 a.m.: fire, North Road, a caller reports a fire started in the engine compartment of his car and he pulled into a long driveway, dual response dispatched, the responding firefighters report the fire was confined to the engine compartment and was extinguished, the car was towed from the scene;
11:17 a.m.: larceny, New Broadway, a caller report gas has been siphoned from of both her and her neighbor’s vehicles, the responding officer reports the complainant said that both vehicles seemed to have less gas than last checked but conceded that there was no evidence to implicate the suspect she identified and did not ask for a criminal investigation;
11:36 a.m.: suspicious person, Elm Street, a caller reports a person lying next to a campfire was unresponsive when first seen, she said the man rose to tend the fire but would not speak to her, the responding officer reports a small brush fire and firefighters were dispatched to extinguish it, the homeless person was identified and sent on his way;
12:38 p.m.: accident, East Mountain Road, a caller reports a tractor trailer unit was too high to pass under the turnpike overpass and the top of the trailer was damaged leaving debris in the roadway, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard;
12:39 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, a supervisory officer reports he stopped a motorist operating with a dog in his lap and issued a verbal warning;
12:53 p.m.: disturbance, Elm Street, a caller reports a person at the bus pavilion is using a loudspeaker to yell at passersby, the responding officer reports two protesters were found in a vacant lot, one with a microphone and one with a sign, who were not creating any problems;
1:05 p.m.: assist other agency, Springfield Road, the Community Service Unit supervisor reports he checked with the door attendant at a Springfield Road department store and found there were 275 persons inside, the officer investigated and found that that the city’s Board of Health had recently increased the permissible number of persons in the store to 300;
3:05 p.m.: loitering, Elm Street, a caller reports persons outside are smoking an illicit substance, the responding officer reports he found three men in an alleyway smoking cigarette with no sign or odor of anything illicit, one man with a can of beer poured the contents on the ground upon request;
6:20 p.m.: found property, Franklin Street, a caller reports finding a weed whacker which apparently fell from a truck, the responding officer reports the property was transported to the station for safe keeping;
6:52 p.m.: fireworks, Whitney Playground, Shepard Street, a patrol officer reports he heard fireworks while making a routine check of the playground and saw several youths run from the area, the officer reports the youths left a small campfire which was extinguished by a passerby;
7:14 p.m.: disturbance, Whitney Playground, Shepard Street, a caller reports an altercation, the responding officer reports a young man said he had been punched and his backpack was taken by a group of others, the officer reports the backpack was found nearby and the alleged victim declined to identify his assailants or provide additional information;
10:52 p.m.: disturbance, Lincoln Street, a caller reports revelers at a a large college-aged party are unmasked and too close to each other, the responding officer reports 25-30 persons were found listening to music and drinking alcoholic beverages near a fire pit at an address where officer had responded twice the day before for noise complaints, the officer reports the party was dispersed and the tenants (who were respectful) were issued city ordinance violation citations.



9:26 a.m.: animal complaint, Lakeview Street, a resident reports a bear in the area;
10:02 a.m.: animal complaint, Congamond Road, a caller reports she was walking on the Rail Trail and her small dog was attacked by a larger dog;
8:07 p.m.: officer wanted, Granaudo Circle, a resident reports a neighbor cutting trees on her property, responding officers visited a neighbor on Liquori Drive and the property owner agreed to have the property surveyed before continuing.

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