Police Log Monday, June 29, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Monday, June 29, 2020


10:31 a.m.: well being check, Man Street, multiple callers report a man is bleeding from the back of his head and appears to be confused, the responding officer reports the man said that he does not remember how he sustained a cut on the back of his head which had not yet clotted, the man said he had not fallen nor had he been assaulted, the man was transported Baystate Noble Hospital;
12:06 p.m.: weather complaint, Springfield Road at East Mountain Road, a caller report a tree is down in Springfield Road, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation was notified and a crew was dispatched which cut down a branch which had been hanging into the roadway;
1:28 p.m.: trespassing, Southwick Road, the Community Service Unit supervisor reports he responded to a complaint that a motor vehicle had accessed Springfield Water Works property from Tannery Road via a wooden fence which had been knocked down, the officer reports he spoke with both the owner of vehicle and an owner of a trailer and advised them of the criminal and civil charges they could face if they returned, the office noted that a check of the fence the next day revealed it to have been reinforced;
2:05 p.m.: fraud, Montgomery Road, a called reports he and his wife are victims of a scam and requests an officer to be on hand when a suspect arrives to collect a gift card, the responding officer reports an apparent scammer called when he was present and he spoke with the caller who hung up when told he was speaking with a police officer, the officer advised the complainant that it was very unlikely that anybody would come to deliver promised lottery winnings and collect a gift card they said was required to qualify for the winnings, the caller’s son was also present and advised his parents to call him if they were again contacted by the scammer;
3:06 p.m.: weather complaint, East Mountain Road, a caller reports a tree limb fell into the roadway and although the road is not blocked the limb is creating a hazard, the responding officer report he was able to drag the limb out of the road;
6:10 p.m.: larceny, East Main Street, a caller from an East Main Street business reports a rental trailer has not been returned and is to be reported as stolen, the responding officer reports the renter of the trailer was found to be a Springfield resident and an attempt to contact him resulted in a conversation with his mother who said she will tell her son to contact Springfield police;
6:21 p.m.: warrant service, Franklin Street, an officer detailed to attempt to serve an outstanding warrant issued in 2020 by the Westfield district court reports the man was found at his last known address, Adam W. Sullivan, 39, of 151 Franklin St., was arrested on the warrant;
8:24 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Elm Street, a patrol officer reports he observed a pedestrian drinking from a can of beer who discarded it when he became aware of the officer, the officer reports he spoke with the identified man who admitted he had been drinking beer and acknowledged that he knew it was a violation of a city ordinance, the officer reports the man was required to retrieve the can and dump the remaining beer, the man was issued a city ordinance violation citation.


7:20 a.m.: concerned citizen, Congamond Road and Connecticut state line, a caller reports a white Jeep passing in the no passing lane into Connecticut, Suffield Police were advised;

3:02 p.m.: disorderly conduct, Baystate Primary Care, a man in the parking lot was “not behaving normally” and was assessed;

3:32 p.m.: assist motorist, Fred Jackson Road, an officer informed parties switching plates on vehicles that until the vehicle is registered and insured with the plates, they cannot be switched;

4:21 p.m.: motor vehicle complaint, North Loomis Street, a caller reports erratic driving;

7:15 p.m.: officer wanted, Berkshire Avenue, a female requested information regarding a no trespass order for her soon-to-be ex-husband, she was advised of options by an officer;

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