Police Log Monday, Nov. 25, 2019

Major crime and incident report
Monday, Nov. 25, 2019

8:36 a.m.: breaking and entering, William Street, a caller reports that her unsecured vehicle was broken into over the weekend and a small amount of cash and other items were taken, the caller said that she does not require a formal report but wants the incident documented;
9:04 a.m.: animal complaint, East Silver Street at Kasper Drive, a caller reports he has taken custody of a stray chocolate Labrador retriever dog, the responding animal control officer reports the dog was transported to the municipal animal shelter;
10:12 a.m.: fraud, St. Dennis Street, a resident came to the station to complain that he had received a demand for payment for a cable television account he had not opened, an incident report was filed;
10:52 a.m.: larceny, Darby Drive, a caller reports a male party who took pumpkins and fall flowers from a porch has been seen previously searching trash and recycling receptacles in the neighborhood, the caller provided the registration number of the man’s vehicle, the responding officer reports he spoke with the suspect who appears to be a hoarder, the man was advised of the seriousness of his actions and returned the pumpkins and flowers;
1:51 p.m.: illegal dumping, East Silver Street, a caller reports someone has been dumping debris on his property, the responding officer reports the caller showed him derelict furniture, a dishwasher, paint cans and building debris in his rubbish receptacle, the man said that he is planning to lock the refuse bin and identified a business he suspects is using his container, the officer reports he will attempt to speak with the management of that company;
3:09 p.m.: larceny, Big Wood Drive, a caller reports the operator of a described vehicle stole property at a job site, the responding officer reports that the caller said that he had left a backpack leaf blower briefly at a client’s address and returned to find it gone, the responding officer reports the complainant said that he spoke with a neighbor who said that the described vehicle stopped and the operator asked if the leaf blower was his, when the resident said that it was not his the man scooped up the leaf blower and left with it;
3:58 p.m.: fraud, Park River Circle, a resident came to the station to report she has been the victim of fraud, the responding officer reports the woman said that she found that her debit card had been linked to unwanted internet services and sought assistance removing them on-line, the woman said that she found a site and spoke with a man who said that he needed her debit card information to assist her in unlinking the accounts, her debit card was charged $2,849 and the man called her back saying that more payments would be required to separate the accounts, the man instructed her to send him $1,100 via gift cards and the woman transmitted the money, an incident report was filed;
4:26 p.m.: animal complaint, Phelps Avenue, a caller reports that while she was walking her dog it was attacked by another dog, the woman said that her dog did not suffer any puncture wounds and was not bleeding, the officer reports he spoke with the owner of the suspect dog and advised him to quarantine his dog until he hears from the responding animal control officer;
10:56 p.m.: incapacitated person, Powdermill Village, 126 Union St., a caller reports an intoxicated person who was asked to leave a residence has urinated on the sliding glass door and is trying to return, the responding officer reports the man was deemed to be too intoxicated to care for himself and was placed in protective custody.

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