Police log Monday, Oct. 12, 2020


Major crime and incident report

Monday, Oct. 12, 2020

9:44 a.m.: larceny, Devon Terrace, a caller reports that one of their political lawn signs had been stolen sometime the previous night, the caller reports that they are aware this is not a high level crime but that they had heard of other similar signs being stolen from the area and that he wanted to file a report;

3:05 p.m.: disturbance, Main Street, a caller from a main street business reports that there is an altercation happening between multiple parties in front of their store, a second caller reports that a male and female party were assaulting a man in front of the store, the responding officer reports that one of the male parties was arguing with a homeless female party when the female party punched the male party in the face when he got too close to her, the officer reports that the female party left the scene and all other parties were advised to do the same;

4:02 p.m.: disturbance, Main Street, multiple callers report that multiple parties are in an altercation in which one party was observed kicking another party when they were on the ground, the responding officer reports that one individual was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital for a minor injury, the officer reports that the parties had been arguing about how one of them treated an unidentified female party earlier in the day, resulting in an altercation, the officer reports that neither party was interested in seeking charges against the other;

7:13 p.m.: motor vehicle violations, Ridgeview Terrace, dispatch reports that patrol officers were advised to be on the lookout for the operator of a passenger vehicle which failed to stop for state police and was suspected of using controlled substances, a caller reports that a vehicle matching the description parked in their driveway and three parties exited the vehicle, the caller reports that the parties said they got lost while hiking and continued walking in the opposite direction of where he said to go, the responding officers report that they have made contact with the parties and are awaiting West Springfield police to I.D. the suspects, the officers report that one of the parties was transported to the West Springfield Police Department.



Major crime and incident report

SAT 10.10

9:42 a.m.: concerned citizen, College Highway, a motorist reports a confused elderly male at the gas station asking various people for directions, a responding officer reports the person did not need services;

8:20 p.m.: disturbance, Depot Street, peace was restored after a disturbance.

SUN 10.11

8:34 a.m.: escort, Country Club Drive, an officer escorted a person picking up belongings;

4:47 p.m.: recreational violation, Pauline Circle, a resident reports a neighbor operating a quad, children on the quad without helmets and crossing the rail trail and in the street; an officer advised the owner of bylaws;

7 p.m.: officer wanted, Berkshire Avenue, a caller reports her husband and a neighbor arguing about fireworks and disturbing their dogs, the neighbor reports he has no fireworks.

MON 10.12

1:04 a.m.: general service, College Highway, an officer spoke with two groups of youths on bikes without lights, the youths said they would use flashlights to get home and work on getting bike lights, the officer provided three bike lights to the group;

4:36 a.m.: suspicious vehicle, South Longyard Road, an officer reports a vehicle in the tobacco field was picking up an 18-wheeler and all was in order.

TUES 10.13

7:47 a.m.: alarm, Woodland Ridge, a resident reports his carbon monoxide alarm is sounding;

8:31 a.m.: disturbance, Hillside Road, two people reported arguing in the road, a responding officer reports two people walking without issues;

8:43 a.m.: officer wanted, South Longyard Road, a caller reports a scam calling stating she owes money to Eversource;

10:18 a.m.: animal complaint, Patriots Way, a child was bit by the family dog;

3:14 p.m.: accident, Vining Hill Road, a vehicle slid off the road, a private tow was called;

4:20 p.m.: fraud, Evergreen Terrace, a resident reports a social security identity fraud scam.

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