Police Log Monday, Sept. 30, 2019

Major crime and incident report
Monday, Sept. 30, 2019

10:54 a.m.: breaking and entering, Franklin Street, a caller from a Franklin Street business reports a larceny, the responding officer reports the victim said that a window had been broken and a bicycle on display had been stolen, the case was referred to the community policing unit;
12:10 p.m.: animal complaint, Mechanic Street, a caller reports there are chickens, roosters and turkeys in a residential yard, the dispatcher reports that an animal control officer referred the concern to the building inspector’s office, the dispatcher reports she was advised that the complainant may file a complaint at City Hall or the city’s web site to initiate an investigation;
12:30 p.m.: assist resident, Russell Road, an officer was detailed to stand by as a person collects property from a former address, the officer reports the the man filled his motor vehicle and was advised that if he must return for more he must make arrangements to do so with court or the domestic violence coordinator and arrange for a vehicle large enough to remove everything he needs in one more trip;
12:52 p.m.: animal complaint, Southampton Road, a caller reports he took custody of a stray German shepherd dog and transported it to the municipal animal shelter;
12:55 p.m.: suspicious activity, Little River Road, a caller reports seeing open windows and doors and hearing a voice in a vacant house he says is owned by a bank, the responding officer reports a K-9 unit cleared the house and discovered three youths, the officer noted that the interior is “well kept considering this location is being used as a party/gathering spot,” the youth were identified and encouraged to pass the word that the house may no longer be used as such, a representative of the mortgage company which owns the house was advised of the situation and encouraged to secure the building as soon as possible;
2:57 p.m.: larceny, Mechanic Street, a representative of the historical commission came to the station to report that items including ground lighting and a fog machine were stolen from the old burying ground sometime after a recent historical program, the complainant did not ask for a formal report but wanted the loss documented;
5:14 p.m.: assist other agency, Elm Street, Department of Children and Family workers request officers to assist as they take custody of an infant, the responding officer reports the resident was eventually persuaded to surrender the child peaceably;
11:38 p.m.: accident, City View Boulevard, a caller reports a singe-car rollover crash, dual response dispatched, the responding officer report the operator declined medical assistance, the car was towed.

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