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Police Log Saturday, Aug. 1, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Saturday, Aug. 1, 2020


2:15 a.m.: assist resident, Westfield Police Department, 15 Washington St., a person who had completed his business with police but had neither means to get home nor shoes was provided a courtesy transport to a Taylor Avenue address;
1:44 p.m.: vandalism, South Street, a caller reports some of her trees and a pipe believed to be owned by the city have been spray painted, the responding officer reports a DPW representative was advised and an incident report was filed;
2:52 p.m.: fire, Birch Road, firefighters responding to a burning complaint report that a brush fire covering an area of about 40 feet by 15 feet was found and extinguished;
3:12 p.m.: recreational vehicle complaint, Sergeant T.M. Dion Way, an off-duty officer reports seeing group of ATV riders in the area of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline, the responding officer reports he found two pickup trucks loaded with off-road machines parked on the access road to the pipeline, the officer reports the operators were advised they were trespassing and they left the area, see story in the Saturday, Aug. 1, edition of The Westfield News;
4:03 p.m.: traffic complaint, Laro Road, a caller reports large branch in the road is obstructing traffic, the responding officer reports the branch was in Southwick but was removed by a passer by;
4:27 p.m.: fire, Noble Avenue, firefighters responding to a burning complaint report a resident found to be burning on the property was advised of the pertinent regulations and extinguished his fire;
6:15 p.m.: vandalism, Stephanie Lane, a caller reports her vehicle was vandalized, the responding officer reports an incident report was filed;
6:40 p.m.: fire, Debbie Lane, a caller reports a gas grill next to a house is on fire, the responding firefighters report the fire was extinguished and the residents were advised not to use the grill again until it has been throughly cloned;
7:56 p.m.: fire, Sterling Street at Coolidge Avenue, a caller reports a fire, the responding firefighters report a resident was creating a large amount of smoke while burning brush in a barrel, the resident was advised of the pertinent regulations and extinguished his fire;
10:14 p.m.: suspicious vehicle, Arms Brook Park, Lockhouse Road, a patrol officer reports he investigated a vehicle parked at the dog park and the operator said that he had pulled over to send a text message, the officer reports the man was advised of the hours of operation of city park and left the area;
11:52 p.m.: unwanted guest, Union Street, a caller reports her former boyfriend is outside yelling and trying to gain entry, the responding officer reports the man said he came to gather his possession sand the caller said that his father had already taken them, the man left the area.



8:38 a.m.: general services, College Highway, an officer assisted a motorist who was locked out of their vehicle;

9:28 a.m.: general services, North Boat Ramp, a vehicle was parked haphazardly and moved;

11:59 a.m.: boat complaint, Middle Pond, speeding reported in a no wake zone;

1:03 p.m.: officer wanted, College Highway, a caller reports witnessing a person litter in a parking lot and confronted the person, they had a verbal exchange and the reporting party states that the woman “attempted to run her over as she left,” a nearby store has video footage of the incident;

3:16 p.m.: watercraft complaint, South Pond, a vessel was towing three youths;

4:34 p.m.: water complaint, North Pond, a female paddle boarder was on the water without a life vest;

6:25 p.m.: water complaint, Middle Pond, a boat was traveling the wrong way while towing a skier;

7:02 p.m.: concerned citizen, Honey Pot Road, a resident reports a gathering;

9:49 p.m.: boat complaint, Middle Pond, an officer spoke with a boat operator about abandoning the boat at the launch;

9:56 p.m.: boat complaint, North Pond, an officer assisted with a dispute between boaters.

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