Police Log Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020


1:10 a.m.: noise complaint, Lincoln Street, a caller reports a large and loud college-aged party, the responding officer reports he found a gathering of 20 persons, the residents were advised of the complaint and asked to be quieter, the tenants were advised of the pertinent city ordinances;
3:21 a.m.: larceny, Papermill Road, a caller reports he looked out his window and saw that his car was being stolen, the responding officer reports the caller stated that the car’s key fob was in the vehicle when it was stolen, police in surrounding communities were advised of the stolen car;
4:32 a.m.: suspicious vehicle, Mockingbird Lane, a patrol officer reports he noticed a car his is familiar with which had been moved from where he had seen it earlier, the officer investigated and alerted the owner who said the he had not moved it, the owner reviewed security video which showed a vehicle stop near his car before an unknown male party got out and entered the owner’s car which was driven away, the owner said that nothing appeared to have been stolen from the car, the incident was referred to the Detective Bureau;
6:55 a.m.: incapacitated person, Radisson Lane, a patrol officer reports he was advised that a female party was apparently sleeping in the bushes, the officer reports he investigated to find a known woman who woke readily and appeared to be sober and cognizant although she said she did not now how she came to be sleeping there, the woman was provided a courtesy transport to a Southwick Road address;
2:45 p.m.: assist resident, Hampden Avenue a resident came to the station to report a phone scam, the responding officer reports the woman said the she had been induced to provide personal information and was advised of steps she may take to protect herself from from any resulting financial harm;
9:26 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, North Elm Street, a Community Service Unit officer reports a traffic stop for a hands free violation, a citation was issued.;
11:46 p.m.: disturbance, Mechanic Street, a caller reports as many as 100 persons are in the street, the responding officers report about 100 college aged guests were moving between two apartments, the officer located tenants from each apartment who both agreed to disperse their guests, city ordinance violation citations from noise were issued at each apartment.


11 a.m.: officer wanted, Berkshire Avenue, a resident requested information regarding unwanted texts relating to another incident that occurred in Westfield, she was referred to Westfield police;

3:15 p.m.: assist citizen, Feeding Hills Road, police attempted to assist a citizen locked out of a vehicle but was unable to gain entry.

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