Police Log Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019

Major crime and incident report
Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019

9:01 a.m.: city ordinance violation, South Maple Street, a caller complains that sidewalks around an apartment building have not been cleared, the responding officer reports he spoke with a representative of the relevant realty agency who assured him that someone would address the issue;
12:50 p.m.: animal complaint, East Mountain Road, an animal control officer reports she was advised that a resident took custody of a stray cat, the ACO report the long-haired orange cat was transported the municipal animal shelter;
3:44 p.m.: disturbance, Main Street, a caller from a Main Street convenience store and gas station reports a customer came into the store and was yelling at a clerk, the responding officer reports the caller said that the woman had been upset about an issue relative to buying gas with an EBT card, the suspect had left the area;
3:46 p.m.: animal complaint, Dartmouth Street at Union Street, a person who found a stray black and white collie dog took it to the municipal animal shelter;
4:53 p.m.: larceny Main Street, a clear from a Main Street drug store report a couple brought merchandise valued at $125 to the cash register but distracted the clerk and fled with making payment, the responding officer reports a search of the area did not reveal a suspect, the incident was referred to the Community Service Unit;
6:23 p.m.: disturbance, Springfield Road, multiple callers report an altercation between two men during which one of the participants produced a knife, one caller reports a gun was produced, the responding officer reports many persons in the crowd which had surrounded the altercation reported hearing a gunshot, the suspects had fled in a described vehicle prior to the officer’s arrival, an investigating detective reports none of the witnesses reported actually seeing a gun but many said a loud ‘pop’ was heard, the detective reports his investigation appears to be productive and is ongoing, see story in the Monday, Dec. 9, edition of The Westfield News;
9:39 p.m.: animal complaint, North Road, a caller reports a deer which ran into the the path of his vehicle has three broken legs, the responding officer reports the deer was suffering with two broken legs and was dispatched, the vehicle suffered front end damage.

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