Police log Saturday, June 12, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Saturday, June 12, 2021


12:08 p.m.: animal complaint, Main Street, a caller reports that there is a loose black and white cat attempting to cross the street, the responding animal control officer reports that she could not locate the cat;

1:21 p.m.: vandalism/damage, Springfield Road, a caller reports that he was involved in a road rage incident in which somebody threw a bottle at his vehicle and damaged it, the responding officer filed an incident report;

2:33 p.m.: animal complaint, rail trail, a caller reports that her husband was jogging along the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail when he came across two domestic rabbits that he was able to capture and bring to the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter;

3:11 p.m.: suspicious, Main Street, a caller reports that he heard what sounded like fireworks or a gunshot before leaving for work, the caller reports that he returned home to find what appeared to be blood in the back corner of his yard, the responding officer reports that he believes the blood came from a small mammal that left the area, the officer reports that he advised the caller to call the police again if he hears another shot;

3:44 p.m.: animal complaint, Springfield Road, a caller reports that a vehicle is parked in a Springfield Road parking lot with a dog inside and the windows barely down while it is 73 degrees out, the responding officer reports that the dog was clearly in distress due to the temperature inside the vehicle, which was estimated to be 114 degrees, the officer reports that the owner of the dog was located and did not seem to know why leaving a dog in a hot car was a problem, the owner was advised not to do so again.


11:19 a.m.: larceny, Gable View, stolen lumber reported from a construction site;

6:29 p.m.: suspicious activity, Vining Hill Road, a resident reports hearing gunshots, all was in order;

8 p.m.: water craft complaint, Berkshire Avenue, a caller reports a pontoon with at least 12 people disregarding the no wake zone, an officer reports the boat was within its capacity and the driver was advised of the complaint.

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