Police Log Saturday, June 13, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Saturday, June 13, 2020


12:41 a.m.: disturbance, Lincoln Street, a caller reports loud music at a house rented by college students, the responding officers report the music could be heard loudly upon arrival and it was necessary to knock loudly and repeatedly to get the attention of a resident, the resident said that he had only three guests and the officer advised him that the issue was the volume of the noise – not the number of his guests – and reminded him of three similar calls to his address in the past two weeks, a city ordinance violation citation was issued, see 12:17 p.m. entry;
3:46 a.m.: disturbance, Elm Street, caller reports while he was walking his dog when he was assaulted by a person known by his first name, the responding officer reports the caller declined medical attention, the officer reports the suspect was identified and left in the care of a responsible person, see 5:00 a.m. entry;
4:34 a.m.: officer needed, Main Street, a caller reports seeing a girl who appears to be about three years-old in the middle of the road while he was driving to work, the responding officers report the girl led them to a Clinton Street address where she was reunited with her mother, an incident report was filed;
5:00 a.m.: officer needed, Elm Street, a clear reports he was stabbed during an earlier altercation, dual response dispatched, the first responding officer reports the man’s injury was found to be not a stab wound but an abrasion about the size of a quarter, the man was attended by firefighters and declined medical transport;
7:14 a.m.: assault, Danek Drive, a caller reports that when she returned home the previous evening she found she had forgotten her keys and entered her apartment via a window whereupon a male party she knows vaguely and who had been waiting for her also climbed in through the window, the woman said the man then assaulted her, rummaged thought her apartment, broke her television and left with her cell phone, the woman said she waited until morning to report the incident, an incident report as filed, the incident was referred a Community Service Unit officer;
10:13 a.m.: vandalism, Riverside Drive, a caller reports her neighboring children were shooting BB guns at a tarp under the supervisor of their father but one of the shots struck and shattered the rear window of her vehicle, the responding officer reports he spoke with the father of the children who said that he had not realized the BBs were penetrating the tarp and agreed to make restitution;
11:40 a.m.: officer wanted, Main Street, a caller from a Main Street convenience store reports a male motorcyclist in the parking lot is approaching customers and making them feel uncomfortable, the caller asks that the man be served a ‘No trespassing’ order, the responding officer report the man was cooperative when the order was served;
12:08 p.m.: animal complaint, Woodside Terrace, a caller reports a loose dog which can be aggressive toward his wife and dog, the responding animal control officer reports she spoke with the owner of the dogs about the leash laws and licensing and left them appropriate paperwork;
12:17 p.m.: notification, Lincoln Street, the Community Service Unit supervisor reports he spoke with three of nine tenants at an address where there have been repeated noise complaints, the officer reports he provided them with paperwork detailing the applicable city ordinances and the consequences of violations;
2:31 p.m.: city ordinance violation, rail trestle, Elm Street, a patrol officer reports he spoke with a group of youths swimming in the river near the former railroad bridge and advised them of the pertinent city ordinances, the officer reports the youths were cooperative and left without incident;
2:40 p.m.: accident, Franklin Street at Elm Street, a patrol officer reports a single vehicle accident and requests an ambulance, one person was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital;
9:28 p.m.: fireworks, Malone Avenue, two callers complain of fireworks in the street, the responding officer reports he spoke with a resident who agreed stop burning sparklers in the roadway;
9:30 p.m.: fireworks, Sackett Road, a caller reports fireworks in the area, the responding officer reports no fireworks were found, officers responded to similar complaints with similar results later on Massey Street and Thomas Street;
10:39 p.m.: disturbance, Washington Street, a caller reports a loud college-aged party, the responding officers report loud music and voices could be heard upon arrival, the officers report a tenant was advised of the complaint and agreed to turn down the music and close the windows, see 11:47 p.m. entry;
11:07 p.m.: disturbance, Meadow Street, a caller reports neighbors are banging on her door, the responding officer reports the caller said that her neighbors accuse her of stealing packages which are mis-delivered to her porch, the officer reports he advised the caller to put her name on her door and address the mis-delivery issue with the merchant sending her packages, the officer also noted that while he was there neighbors delivered three packages which had been mis-delivered;
11:47 p.m.: disturbance, Washington Street, a caller reports a loud college-aged party, the responding officers report loud music could be heard upon arrival and a group of persons was seen approaching the residence where about 30 persons were found, a city ordinance violation citation was issued.

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