Police log Saturday, June 19, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Saturday, June 19, 2021


1:17 a.m.: animal complaint, Devon Terrace, a caller reports that he was returning home when he saw two large white dogs loose in the street, the caller reports that the dogs are friendly and do not have callers and he will wait with them until officers arrive, the responding officer reports that one dog was secured but the other was older and skittish and ran away, the officer reports that the dog they had captured was sprayed by a skunk before they arrived, the officers report that the dog was transported to the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter, the officers report that an area search turned up negative for the second dog;

2:00 p.m.: unwanted guest, Springfield Road, a caller reports that a male customer is refusing to leave their store after attempting to get his watch fixed, the responding officer reports that Jose M. Ramos, 24, of 61 Woodmont St., Springfield was placed under arrest for an outstanding warrant;

5:19 p.m.: accident, George Street, a caller reports that she was involved in a three motor vehicle accident with no injuries, the responding officer reports that one tow truck was requested to remove one of the vehicles from the scene, dispatch reports that one person refused medical attention;

6:51 p.m.: animal complaint, Otis Street, a caller reports that she found a brown and white dog with an orange collar with a leash attached to it, the responding officer reports that an area search for the owner turned up negative, the officer reports that social media posts were made in the hopes of finding the dog’s owner.


8:30 a.m.: concerned citizen, South Longyard Road, a motorist a deer hit by a tractor, police were unable to locate;

9:52 a.m.: water craft violation, North Lake, a no wake warning was issued.

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