Police Log Saturday, June 27, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Saturday, June 27, 2020


12:19 a.m.: suspicious person, Main Street, officers report they encountered a male party sleeping on a sidewalk bench, the officers report the man was found to be homeless and was advised of the pertinent city ordinance, the man agreed to find someplace else to sleep;
12:22 p.m.: disturbance, Orange Street, a caller reports that after police who responded to an earlier complaint left guests at a party resumed their boisterous behavior, the responding office reports he arrived to find the tenant was breaking up the party, the officer reports the caller was not happy that the noise was not deemed to be inappropriately loud, the tenants are aware of her animosity;
9:32 a.m.: abnormal behavior, Elm Street at Meadow Street, a caller reports a male party who “had a dirty look on his face” threw trash into the roadway, the responding officer uproots a known party was found who readily admitted throwing the trash and said the he is mad and waiting for his medication, the officer reports the man cleaned up the trash without incident;
11:30 a.m.: larceny, Franklin Street, a caller from a Franklin Street liquor store reports her husband has detained a woman who stole a bottle of liquor, the responding officer reports the merchandise was recovered and the woman was told not to return to the store;
11:42 a.m.: stolen vehicle, Plantation Circle, a caller reports her husband’s car was stolen overnight, the responding officer reports the caller said that the keys had been left in the vehicle, the theft was referred to the detective bureau;
1:33 p.m.: animal complaint, Schumann Drive, a resident transported three kittens trapped on her property to the municipal animal shelter and said she will attempt to also trap two remaining kittens and their mother;
2:31 p.m.: car alarm, Western Avenue, multiple callers report a car alarm, the responding office reports the owner said that he does not have the vehicle’s keys but they are en route from Framingham;
3:16 p.m.: larceny, Franklin Street, a caller from a Franklin Street discount store reports a female party stole a shopping carriage load of merchandise valued at about $200 and fled on foot with a customer following, the responding officer reports the woman was located and the merchandise was recovered, store officials elected to serve the woman with a ‘No trespassing’ order but decided to forgo criminal charges;
7:44 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Main Street, a patrol officer reports he saw one of three men sitting at a sidewalk bench drink from what appeared to be a can of beer, the officer reports he identified and spoke with the three men and each admitted drinking alcohol, a city ordinance violation citation for drinking alcohol in public was issued to each man;
8:16 p.m.: burning complaint, Meadowbrook Lane, firefighters responding to a burning complaint report a smoke from a small backyard fire was hanging low in the area, the firefighters report the resident extinguished his fire;
9:36 p.m.: fireworks, Stuart Place, multiple callers report “huge” fireworks in the Shaker Heights area, the responding officer reports a Stuart Place resident was found to be discharging very large fireworks at a low altitude causing ash to fall all over the area, the resident was warned of the possible consequences of his actions and the unused fireworks were seized, an incident report was filed;
10:00 p.m.: fireworks, Joyce Drive, a caller reports fireworks in the area, the responding officer report no source of the fireworks could be found, police responded later to similar complaints with similar results on Day Avenue and Park Street;
10:29 p.m.: fireworks, Pleasant Street, a caller reports fireworks, the responding officers report that after being dispatched to Day Avenue for a fireworks complaint they heard fireworks at a Pleasant Street address and found a male party sitting at a contained fire who denied igniting fireworks, upon discovery of fresh fireworks debris the man admitted discharging fireworks, when he was advised of the possible consequences of his actions the man promised to stop such activities
11:36 p.m.: noise complaint, Susan Drive, a caller reports his neighbor’s graduation party is loud and getting out of control, the responding officer reports he was met at the gate by a guest who was argumentative, attempted to bar officers’ entry to the yard and refused to leave, the officers report the host was cooperative and the party was dispersed.

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