Police log Saturday, May 22, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Saturday, May 22, 2021


1:20 p.m.: vandalism, Main Street, a caller reports that he walked by a group of four individuals spray painting an advertisement billboard on Main Street, the responding officer filed an incident report;

7:39 p.m.: arrest, Berkshire Drive, an officer reports that a possibly intoxicated female party attempted to flee in her vehicle, the officer reports that he prevented the female party from doing so, to which the female party responded by punching the officer in the face, the officer reports that Sarah Claire Ferrier, 21, of 182 Western Circle, Westfield was placed under arrest for assault and battery on a police officer;

1:39 p.m.: accident, North Elm Street, a caller reports a two motor vehicle accident with airbag deployment deployment, dispatch reports that one tow truck was requested to remove one of the vehicles from the scene, the responding ambulance reports that one person refused medical attention;

4:01 p.m.: accident, East Main Street, a caller reports a two motor vehicle accident in an East Main Street parking lot, the caller reports that the other party involved in the accident began yelling at him for calling the police, the responding officer reports that Jason William Savage, 44, of 95 Chester Road, Blandford, was placed under arrest for two active warrants;

4:59 p.m.: electrical hazard, Steiger Drive, a caller reports that a transformer possibly blew causing nearby tree limbs to catch fire, the responding fire captain reports that the fire was extinguished, the responding officer reports that Westfield Gas & Electric arrived on scene to repair the wire;

11:07 p.m.: suspicious, Main Street, a caller reports that there are five youths on the rail trail bridge dumping water on people who walk below, the responding officer reports that an area search turned up negative.


10:22 a.m.: animal complaint, Island Pond Road, a possible rabid raccoon was reported, police are working with the animal control officer and wildlife rehab;

12:38 p.m.: officer wanted, North Boat Ramp, an attendant reports a man sitting in his vehicle throwing beer cans out the window for the second day in a row, a responding officer found the man seated on a bench drinking from open container of Budweiser beer and located matching cans of beer just outside of window of his vehicle, the officer advised him that he could not drink, loiter, or litter at the boat ramp, his vehicle parked on scene was determined to not be properly registered/insured, the officer contacted his insurance company and confirmed no status of insurance and he had a suspended license as well the vehicle was told and the subject reported that he would interfere with the tow by attempting to stop the tow truck operator, the officer warned of consequences of being placed under arrest for interfering with an officer and he calmed down, he was allowed to remain on scene until picked up by friend

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