Police Log Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019

Major crime and incident report
Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019

11:23 a.m.: suspicious activity, Union Street at Katharine Street, a trooper reports he is out with three children who appear to be taking materials from a construction site, the responding officer reports he found that the children were helping out with their family’s contracting business which is engaged at the site;
4:18 p.m.: larceny, Springfield Road, a caller from a Springfield Road department store reports the adults in a family group attempted to shoplift merchandise and one of them assaulted him when they were confronted, the responding officer reports he was told that the adults stole merchandise valued at more than $100 and were served with ‘No trespassing’ orders;
5:36 p.m.: officer wanted, Elm Street a Community Service Unit officer reports he spoke with the clerk at a convenience store regarding a ‘No trespassing’ order which has been issued but not served for a person who has allegedly been harassing staff, the officer reports that while he was there the subject came to the store, the order was explained to the subject and was served;
7:51 p.m.: assist resident, State Street, a caller reports she is concerned that someone may be in her residence because her son returned from an errand to find a previously open door closed with the dog inside and items scattered across the floor, the responding officers report the apartment was checked and no signs of forcible entry were found, a the contents of a makeup case were found to have been strewn across the floor and the dog was blamed;
7:59 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Meadow Street, a patrol officer reports a motorist failed to stop for him and fled, the officer reports he gave chase as the motorist ran another vehicle off the road on Union Street but broke off the pursuit when the fleeing car reached speeds in excess of 100 mph, West Springfield police were notified;
10:26 p.m.: officer wanted, Williams Way, a caller requests an officer because she returned to her home after a brief absence and heard a sound consistent with her back door opening and closing, the caller said that she walked through her home and noticed window screens open but saw nothing displaced or missing, the responding officer reports there are no signs of forcible entry and nobody was found in the house;
10:55 p.m.: disturbance, Kellogg Street, a caller reports a large college party, the responding officers report that although the party was fairly quiet about 30 persons were dispersed;
11:31 p.m.: disturbance, Lincoln Street, a caller requests assistance dispersing about 50 college students at his house, the responding officers report 20-30 non-residents were ordered to leave and complied;
11:33 p.m.: disturbance, King Street, a caller reports a large college party, the responding officers report that the tenants were cooperative and about 50 guests left the Halloween party;
11:42 p.m.: suspicious vehicle, Woodcliff Drive, a caller reports an occupied vehicle she does not recognize has been parked with the engine running for a half hour, the responding officer reports the operator provided a driver’s license but said he did not speak English when she asked him about the beer bottle in plain view in the center console, the man told a Spanish speaking officer that he had become lost on his way home, a citation for possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle was served.

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