Police Log Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019

Major crime and incident report
Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019

1:50 a.m.: disturbance, Elm Street, a caller reports a fight which may involve a knife, the responding officer reports he arrived to find two men atop another man, the officer reports one of the men had been attempting to separate the other two, the officer reports the injured man said that he had been followed out of the bar by two men who attacked him and he produced a knife in self defense, the others said that the other man had instigated a disturbance inside the bar, two knives were found, the victim was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital and a criminal complaint was prepared for disorderly conduct and assault and battery, Ronald E. Kuklinski, 32, of 11 Sikes Ave., West Springfield, was arrested for disorderly conduct and assault and battery, the incident was referred to the detective bureau for further investigation;
3:27 a.m.: assist other police department, Westfield Police Department, 15 Washington St., Westfield State University request the use of a cell for a prisoner, a cell monitor was provided;
6:59 a.m.: larceny, Birch Bluffs Drive, a caller reports someone has been stealing fuel from his vehicle, the responding officer reports the complainant said that gas has been stolen from his vehicle every two or three days and the first time it was stolen his gas cap cover was pried open so now it doesn’t lock, the man was unable to identify a suspect and asked for additional patrols until he can set up a camera;
12:05 p.m.: accident, Union Street at Union Avenue, a caller reports a car struck a bicycle in a crosswalk and the operator left the area, the responding officer reports the cyclist said that a car had been stopped at a red light but proceeded before the light turned green and struck the rear wheel of his bike, the man initially said that the bike was not damaged but came to the station later to report the gears were broken and provided a receipt showing the replacement cost;
2:30 p.m.: parking violation, Springfield Road, a patrol officer reports he observed a woman with a young child exit a store and get into a vehicle parked (with a valid handicap placard) parked in a handicap space, the officer reports that he queried the woman about the placard and she said that it belonged to her mother who was not there, the placard was seized and a citation was issued;
5:13 p.m.: parking violation, Springfield Road, a patrol officer reports he observed a vehicle parked in a handicap space with an improperly displayed handicap placard, the officer reports he spoke with the operator when she returned to the car and learned that the placard had been issued to a woman who she is employed to care for, the woman told the officer that her client had said that she could use the placard and the officer informed her that, nonetheless, she could not use it, a citation was issued;
9:44 p.m.: disturbance, Franklin Street, an employee of a discount store reports a male party who comes to the store and picks fights with customers is outside fighting, the responding officer reports the suspect was intoxicated and had refused to leave despite repeated requests, the office reports the man was provided a courtesy transport to a Russell Road address where his grandparents agreed to care for him;
11:34 p.m.: unwanted guest, North Elm Street, a caller from a North Elm Street bar reports a female party who was asked to leave refused and dared the bartender to call police, the responding office reports the woman was served with a ‘No trespassing’ order and escorted from the premises.

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