Police log Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020

Major crime and incident report

Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020


12:55 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, East Main Street, a patrol officer reports that he pulled over a motor vehicle for an improper turn and that the operator gave a name and date of birth that could not be found by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, the officer reports that the juvenile driver was placed under arrest for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, providing a false name to a police officer, improperly turning in a motor vehicle and using a motor vehicle without authority;

12:33 p.m.: disturbance, Main Street, multiple callers report an apparent road rage incident in which the operator of one vehicle became enraged when another vehicle did not allow them to merge left, one caller reports that multiple male parties exited the vehicles and began assaulting each other in the roadway before getting back into their vehicles and driving off towards downtown, the responding officer reports that an area search turned up negative;

5:24 p.m.: animal complaint, New Broadway, a caller reports that she has custody of an apparently lost black and brown beagle-type dog, the caller reports that she found the dog in the roadway area of North Road, the responding officer reports that the dog was taken to the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter;

5:44 p.m.: motor vehicle accident, Robinson Drive, a caller reports that a passenger vehicle struck her mailbox, the caller reports that witnesses told her that the operator got out of his vehicle and said that he should not be driving, a witness called to report that he received a photo of the suspected vehicle that matches the given description, dispatch reports that contact was made with the father of the suspected vehicle operator who told them that he would have his son call Westfield Police when he returned home;

11:00 p.m.: vandalism, Pearl Street, a caller reports that her house was just struck with paintballs, a second caller reports 10 minutes later that a pickup truck just drove by her house shooting paintballs at her boyfriend’s vehicle, dispatch reports that officers were advised to be on the lookout for the vehicle;

11:23 p.m.: motor vehicle accident, Russellville Road, a caller reports a two motor vehicle crash with just one of the vehicles deploying airbags and fluids leaking on the ground, the responding officer reports that two tow trucks were called in to remove the vehicles, the officer reports that an ambulance was called to transport one party to Baystate Medical Center.



7:10 a.m.: suspicious activity, Mort Vining Road, a caller reports a disturbance with people yelling;

9:12 a.m.: motor vehicle complaint, College Highway, aa caller reports erratic operation of a gray Altima that swerved and hit a utility pole at Sunnyside Road, first responders report the driver was injured;

10:28 a.m.: College Highway, a caller reports finding a syringe in a parking lot;

1:36 p.m.: traffic stop, South Longyard Road, a written citation was issued for traffic violations, three more similar citations were issued  at the same location;

3:05 p.m.: officer wanted, Grandview Street, a residen requests to speak to an officer about unemployment fraud;

5:18 p.m.: disabled vehicle, Davis Road, an unoccupied truck was reported in front of a residence since 8 a.m., an officer reports the vehicle owner has permission from the property owner to hunt there;

7:40 p.m.: fireworks complaint, Sheep Pasture Road, a caller reports fireworks in the area, responding officers could not locate the source;

7:57 p.m.: fire, Maple Street, a non-permitted burn was reported in a Maple Street back yard, responders report it was a small cooking fire and all in order.

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