Police Log Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019

Major crime and incident report
Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019

1:49 a.m.: disturbance, North Elm Street, a caller reports a fight in the parking lot of a bar, the responding officer reports he found that there had been a verbal altercation between two women and that one had already left, bar employees cleared others from the parking lot without incident;
5:24 a.m.: alarm, Washington Street, an alarm company reports an alarm at a Washington Street restaurant, a key holder was notified, the responding officer report a side door was found to be ajar, the officer and the key holder examined the premises and found nothing untoward;
9:39 a.m.: animal complaint, Clark Street, a caller reports that a bleeding pigeon which may have two heads tries to attack anybody which approaches it, the responding animal control officer reports the pigeon was transported to the municipal animal shelter;
12:08 p.m.: larceny, East Main Street, an employee of an East Main Street department store reports he observed a shoplifter and followed her into the parking lot but she fled before he could confront her, the responding officer reports the employee provided the description and registration number of the vehicle in which she fled;
12:31 p.m.: disturbance, Westfield Animal Shelter, 178 Apremont Way, an employee of the shelter reports that a man who came to claim a cat at the shelter became irate when informed that he needed more paperwork than he had and shoved her as he left, a dispatcher reports that he spoke with cat’s owner who explained that she is away and the man she asked to collect the cat for her was frustrated by the obstacles he encountered, the officer reports he went to the man’s home and saw the vehicle in which he left the shelter parked but nobody responded at the door;
1:32 p.m.: found property, Robinson Drive at Janelle Drive, a caller reports a black and red mountain bike has been in the bushes for four days, the responding officer reports the bicycle was transported to the station for safe keeping;
2:33 p.m.: accident, East Main Street, multiple callers report a two-car crash, dual response dispatched, the responding officer reports one person was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital and one vehicle was towed from the scene;
3:56 p.m.: larceny, Springfield Road, a caller from a Springfield Road department store requests assistance with an uncooperative shoplifter who has no identification documents, the responding officer reports he was told the suspect failed to scan merchandise valued at $140 in a self-checkout lane, Melissa J. Odom, 39, of 60 Joshua Hill, Windsor., Conn, was arrested for shoplifting;
4:34 p.m.: animal complaint, Mechanic Street, an officer detailed to follow up on a fowl complaint reports that a turkey and two chickens with several chicks are in residence, the officer reports that he advised the resident that he may not keep a turkey and needs a permit to keep the chickens, the man said that he will divest himself of the turnkey and get a permit for the chickens;
4:52 p.m.: suspicious person East Main Street, a patrol officer reports he observed a known person behind an East Main Street store with a laden shopping cart, the officer reports a check revealed the man to be the subject of an active warrant, Chance Dwayne Robinson, 21, of 137 Evergreen Ave., Apt. A1, Hartford, Conn., was arrested the warrant issued in 2019 by the Belchertown District Court;
6:41 p.m.: disturbance, East Main Street, a caller from an Eat Main Street restaurant reports a man who “was not acting right” left the restaurant after creating a disturbance, the responding officer request an ambulance for the man who had lacerations on his face and hands, the man was found to be unable to care for himself and was placed in protective custody;
10:12 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Taylor Avenue, a patrol officer reports he observed a known person riding an electric bicycle on the sidewalk without lights or a helmet, the officer reports that the man who was wearing headphones refused to stop so the officer had to reverse direction to catch up with the bicycle again when the operator again refused to stop, the officer was able to block the rider’s path and the rider said that he thought the officer had been telling him to keep going, the man’s license was found to have been suspended and a criminal complaint was filed, the bicycle was transported to the police impound yard;
10:13 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Franklin Street at Smith Avenue, a patrol officer requests a tow for an unregistered motor vehicle, the vehicle was towed and the operator was provided a courtesy transport to his home;
10:47 p.m.: liquor law violation, Shepard Street, officers observed college aged youths entering a residence and advised the tenants of the ramifications of a noise complaint, an officer reports the tenants attempted to clear the residence but were unable to and asked for police assistance, one person leaving was seen to be carrying a bottle of liquor and appeared be attempting to hide a second bottle, the youth was found to be younger than the legal drinking age and while the officer was preparing a city ordinance violation citation the youth was seen to drink from the bottle of liquor, Luke S. Karol, 19, of 314 Plymouth St., Pembroke, was arrested for being a person younger than the legal drinking age in possession of liquor and for consumption of alcohol in public, during the booking process he was found to be in possession of three false identification cards and was also charged with possession of a false liquor ID card;
10:59 p.m.: liquor law violation, Orange Street at Kellogg Street, a patrol officer reports he observed a male party on the sidewalk holding an alcoholic beverage, the youth was found to be 18-years-old, a city ordinance violation citation was issued.

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