Police Log Sunday, Aug. 30, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Sunday, Aug. 30, 2020


12:33 a.m.: disturbance, Chapel Street, a caller reports about 20 college aged persons on a back porch are making excessive noise, the responding officer reports the area was quiet upon arrival and a departing guest was helpful and cooperative in locating tenants, the tenants acknowledged that guests leaving a short time earlier had been noisy, the tenants were advised of the possible consequences of similar complaints during the school year;
2:25 a.m.: disturbance, Myrtle Street, a caller reports a loud college aged party, the responding officer reports the party appears to be breaking up and about 25 persons were talking loudly as they left, the officer spoke with both a tenant and a landlord who were respectful and cooperative and were advised of the possible consequences of similar complaints during the school year;
9:51 a.m.: animal complaint, West Road, a caller reports two dogs are trying to get into a rabbit hutch, the responding animal control officer reports two husky dogs were transported to the municipal animal shelter;
2:43 p.m.: assault, Meadow Street, a caller reports a friend was assaulted by a known party, the responding officer reports an encounter between two parties with existing issues escalated into a physical altercation and one was injured, that party was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital and the other had left the area, the injured party was advised he could seek a criminal complaint at the district court if he chose to;
3:07 p.m.: animal complaint, Shaker Road, an animal control officer reports she responded to a call for a raccoon stuck under and fence and transported the animal to the municipal animal shelter;
3:10 p.m.: trespassing, Tin Bridge, Ponders Hollow Road, a caller reports youths trespassing on his farm land are jumping off a bridge, the responding officer reports the youths were advised of the complaint and left the area;
5:28 p.m.: disturbance, Sackett Street at Orange Street, multiple callers report 12-20 teenagers of both genders are fighting, no weapons were reported, the responding officer reports no fight was found but a group of youths was dispersing, the officer reports he used his public address system not offer police assistance but none was requested;
10:03 p.m.: vandalism, Butternut Road, a caller reports she returned home to find a rear window of her parked vehicle had been shattered, the responding officer reports the complainant said that nothing was stolen from the vehicle.



12:22 a.m.: suspicious vehicle, Birchwood Road, an officer observed a suspicious vehicle and contacted Agawam Police;

2:21 a.m.: traffic stop, College Highway, a vehicle without lights was stopped and advised;

3:54 a.m.: suspicious activity, College Highway, a caller reports a car alarm sounding, police could not contact residents, the alarm was silenced;

7:01 a.m.: assist citizen, Partridge Lane, a resident came to the police station seeking information about a smoke alarm and was advised to meet a member of the Fire Department at the station next door;

11:57 a.m.: animal complaint, Feeding Hills Road, a loose canine without a collar was reported running in the street, the dog was taken to the shelter and the animal control officer took control of the animal;

12:41 p.m.: general services, North Pond, police advised the owner of personal water craft of bylaws regarding towing;

4:23 p.m.: officer wanted, Berkshire Avenue, a resident spoke to an officer regarding threats to her daughter shouted from a passing boat, police were unable to locate the boat;

10:03 p.m.: assist citizen, Feeding Hills Road, a female staggering on the side of the road was given a courtesy transport to Fernwood Road and found the woman was not welcome back at that time.

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