Police log Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021


12:44 a.m.: hit and run accident, a patrol officer reports that a mailbox has been knocked into a resident’s driveway and that there are tire tracks on the lawn, the officer reports that the house appeared to be vacant;

9:19 a.m.: code enforcement, Main Street, a caller from a Main Street gas station reports that a male party entered the store while wearing his face covering below his nose, the caller reports that the male party was told to wear it properly or he would not be served, to which he responded by removing the mask completely and deliberately coughing on people and items in the store, the responding officer reports that he spoke with the male party and advised him that mask coverings are mandated in public per state law;

1:43 p.m.: motor vehicle theft, Phelps Avenue, a caller reports that her vehicle was stolen overnight and her father’s vehicle was broken into, the responding officer reports that the vehicle was found on Meadow Street.


1:18 p..: alarm, College Highway, police received a call from the Post Office alarm company that it received an alarm from the retail counter but no other alarms, an officer investigated and found a person coming out of the mail box area who stated there used to be a FOB for people to retrieve their mail but it appears to be broken;

1:26 p.m.: recreational vehicle violation, Feeding Hills Road, a person walking in the area reports four or five trail and mini bikes on the Rail Trailheading south, a responding officer located and spoke with them;

1:41 p.m.: animal complaint, Point Grove Road, a person walking the Rail Trail reports a loose greyhound, the owner was located and took the dog home.

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