Police Log Sunday, July 26, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Sunday, July 26, 2020


12:08 a.m.: suspicious persons, Westfield Technical Academy, 33 Smith Ave., a patrol office reports that during a routine check of the school he observed four persons walking from the upper campus who ran and hid behind bushes when they saw him, the officer spoke with the parties and explained why their actions seemed to be suspicious, they were also advised that they were trespassing at that hour before they were sent on their ways;
12:10 a.m.: noise complaint, Briarcliff Drive, a caller reports a party has been underway since the afternoon with loud music and yelling, the responding officer reports music could be heard from the street as soon as he arrived, the officer spoke with the host of a birthday party who agreed to move the party inside and keep the noise low;
12:46 a.m.: fireworks, Ridgeway Street, a caller reports he discovered a box discharging fireworks on his property which he kicked into the street, dual response dispatched, the responding officer reports all the fireworks had been expended and fire department response was aborted, the officer reports a search of the area did not yield a suspect;
6:13 a.m.: breaking and entering, West Silver Street, a caller reports finding a purse and apparent contents on West Silver Street, the responding officer reports the purse was apparently removed from a car which was broken into nearby;
8:51 a.m.: larceny, North Elm Street, a caller from a North Elm Street convenience are reports a male party stole a six-pack of beer and left on foot, the responding officer reports a suspect was located and returned to the store where he was identified and paid for the beer, the man was a transient so he was not served with a ‘No trespassing’ order but was provided a courtesy transport to a nearby motel pending his departure;
8:54 a.m.: recreational vehicle complaint, Sergeant T.M. Dion Way, a patrol officer reports that due to recent incidents of trespassing with recreational vehicle he positioned himself to intercept anyone arriving at the area in question, the officer reports he stopped a motorist who said the she was arriving to participate in a planned gathering of ATV riders which had been arranged on a social media web site, the woman was advised that such gatherings are not permitted without written permission from the landowner and was also advised to contact like-minded persons to inform them that such trespassing will not be tolerated, the officer reports he later encountered multiple other motorists arriving to ride ATVs and advised them similarly;
12:26 p.m.: vandalism, St.Mary’s Elementary School, Bartlettt Street, a school official reports a rock was thrown through a window at the school, the incident was referred to the Community Service Unit;
3:13 p.m.: breaking and entering, Mechanic Street, a caller reports that she returned to her apartment to find her back door unlocked, the caller said that all the doos and windows had been locked when she and her roommates left and that a video game system and a television are missing, the incident was referred to the Community Service Unit;
9:47 p.m.: assault, Russell Road, a resident came to the station to complain that he was punched by a friend, the responding officer reports the complainant said that he and a friend had been drinking while working on a boat and his friend punched him when a verbal altercation ensued, the caller asked that the incident be documented but declined to pursue criminal charges;
10:05 p.m.: motor vehicle violations, East Main Street, a patrol officer reports a traffic stop for speeding revealed that a child was not restrained in a child seat or a seat belt, citations were issued and the child’s father came to the scene with a child safety seat.



4:11 p.m.: officer wanted, Tannery Road, a person requested police assistance in picking up belongings from a home;

6:22 p.m.: watercraft violation, Middle Pond, a boat was seen towing a paddle board with passengers, the passengers were removed,

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