Police Log Sunday, June 21, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Sunday, June 21, 2020


12:17 a.m.: city ordinance violation, Depot Square municipal parking lot, Pochassic Street, a patrol officer reports about 30 person have gathered in the parking lot in an example of an ongoing issue with gatherings at the parking lot and nearby park which tend to leave litter behind, the officer reports the persons were advised of the pertinent city ordinances and sent on their ways;
3:28 a.m.: weather complaint, Union Street, multiple callers report a fallen tree has blocked the roadway, a DPW representative was notified and a crew was dispatched to remove the tree;
7:45 a.m.: fire, Shaker Road, firefighters returned to assist Southwick firefighters dealing with a brush fire very near the city border, services rendered;

1:42 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Whitney Playground, Shepard Street, a patrol officer reports persons were found to be swimming in the river and using a gas grill in the park, the officer reports the persons were advised that city ordinances prohibit both activities and the group left the playground, a second group of swimmers was advised to leave a short time later;
2:13 p.m.: traffic complaint, Pontoosic Road, a caller reports a boy is throwing water balloons at passing cars, the responding officer reports he found three boys who reluctantly admitted throwing water balloons at traffic who, when advised of the hazards of their actions, agreed to stop;
3:42 p.m.:incapacitated person, South Maple Street, a caller reports a male party has been lying on the tree belt for abut a half hour, the responding officer reports the man found on a lawn said that he did not know how he got there, asked to be dropped off at the park and admitted he had been drinking earlier, the officer reports the man was obviously highly intoxicated, made little sense when responding questions with difficulty and might be dehydrated, the man was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital for evaluation;
3:59 p.m.: unwanted customer, Franklin Street, a caller from a gas station and convenience sore reports a male party who frequents the store despite being asked to stay away and has shoplifting in the past is back, the responding officer reports the described man was found, identified and served with a ‘No trespassing’ order;
8:04 p.m.: noise complaint, Moseley Avenue, a caller report a large gathering with loud music is keeping her children awake, the responding officer reports a resident was notified of the complaint and advised to keep the music volume at a reasonable level.


7:27 a.m.: fire, Rail Trail by Sam West Road, continued watch of a smoldering brush fire extinguished Saturday;

9:19 a.m.: accident, College Highway, a vehicle struck a deer;

10:24 a.m.: recovered property, Point Grove Road, a pontoon boat was moored behind The Cove and was being moved;

2:49 p.m.: disabled vehicle, Congamond Road, AAA arrived to remove a disabled vehicle.

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