Police Log Sunday, June 28, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Sunday, June 28, 2020


1:15 a.m.: suspicious vehicle, a patrol officer reports he investigated a vehicle seen parked at a Graylock Street parking lot and found a couple talking, the officer advised the operator he could go to a Summer Street parking lot to have his conversation;
8:58 a.m.: animal complaint, Hagan Avenue, an animal control officer reports she took custody of a stray dog from a Hagan Avenue resident and transported the male Jack Russell terrier to the municipal animal shelter;
10:04 a.m.: animal complaint, Schumann Drive, a resident brought a fourth domestic long haired kitten trapped on her property to the municipal animal shelter;
12:09 p.m.: suspicious activity, Franklin Street, a caller reports children are shooting pellet guns in the area, the responding officer reports he found respectful children who were advised to find a more open area to shoot their BB guns at targets;
1:18 p.m.: larceny, Rita Mary Way, a caller reports a relative’s vehicle was stolen from his driveway sometime since the night before, the responding officer reports the caller said that the keys had been left in the vehicle, the theft was referred to the detective bureau;
2:18 p.m.: infrastructure complaint, Florence Street, a caller reports a power line is in contact with a tree and sparking, the responding officer identified the location of the problem and a G&E representative was advised;
3:29 p.m.: unwanted guest, Southampton Road, a caller from a Southampton Road hostelry reports two intoxicated men who damaged their room the night before are not welcome but refuse to leave, the responding officer reports the two men who were found outside the hotel did not appear to be intoxicated and were able to carry on a conversation, both were served with ‘No trespassing’ orders;
4:27 p.m.: noise complaint, Monroe Street, a caller reports loud music has been playing for more than an hour, the responding officer reports no noise was found;
4:45 p.m.: incapacitated person, North Elm Street at Holyoke Road, a caller reports an incapacitated man is sitting on a curb, the responding officer reports a male party officers had dealt with earlier was intoxicated and searching for a friend’s house, the officer reports the man’s friend was contacted and agreed to take custody of his friend;
6:08 p.m.: assist other agency, Southampton Road, a caller from a Southampton Road motel reports one of to men who was recently served with a ‘No trespassing’ order left property at the inn, the responding officer reports the man was located and his property was returned to him;
8:29 p.m.: traffic complaint, Elm Street, a patrol officer reports a bicyclist failed to stop for a red traffic signal causing a motorist to brake sharply, the officer reports he stopped the bicyclist who was immediately apologetic and said that he had not seen the light, the officer reports the man was advised that traffic rules apply to both motorized and non-motorized vehicles and warned about future offenses;
8:53 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, East Main Street, a patrol officer reports a written warning was issued to a motorist seen using an electronic device while driving.



6:42 a.m.: animal complaint, North Loomis Street, a barking dog was reported, upon police arrival, the dog was not barking;

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