Police Log Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019

Major crime and incident report
Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019

12:14 a.m.: noise complaint, Shepard Street, a caller reports a group of kids walking on the street and between houses are yelling and talking loudly, the responding officer reports the crowd was dispersed;
1:06 a.m.: assault, North Elm Street, a caller reports that she was at a North Elm Street bar and was assaulted by another woman, the responding officer reports a woman who tapped her on her shoulder then punched her in her face and yelled accusations at her, the woman said that bar staff immediately escorted her assailant from the bar;
10:02 a.m.: assist other agency, Baystate Noble Hospital, Court Street, a caller from the hospital requests an officer to take custody of heroin seized from a patient, the responding officer reports an incident report was filed;
11:34 a.m.: suspicious activity, West Silver Street at Myrtle Avenue, a caller reports that the night before she heard a man cursing who was subsequently picked up by a woman who arrived in a vehicle, the caller states that she has now found areas near where the man had been which are covered with a red substance, the responding detective reports that the substance was found to be blood and his further investigation revealed that an intoxicated man who fell causing a bleeding head wound was picked up by a sibling who took him to Baystate Noble Hospital for treatment;
1:59 p.m.: fire, Phillip Avenue, a caller reports a large and growing fire in the backyard, dual response dispatched, the responding detective reports that a person looking for a cellphone believed to have been lost while at a backyard fire pit on Friday apparently uncovered embers which were inadvertently moved too close to leaves piled up along the fence, the fire was extinguished;
8:12 p.m.: arrest, Elm Street, a caller reports the subject of an active warrant is operation a motor vehicle on Elm Street, the responding officer reports the vehicle was stopped, Daniy Lukin, 23, of 31 Kittredge Drive, Westfield, was arrested on warrant issued in 2019 by the Springfield district court;
10:12 p.m.: animal complaint, Russellville Road at Cabot Road, a caller reports finding a large white fluffy dog without a collar, the dog was transported to the station where efforts to determine the owner were unsuccessful, the dog was transported to the municipal animal shelter.

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