Police Log Sunday, Nov. 24, 2019

Major crime and incident report
Sunday, Nov. 24, 2019

1:42 a.m.: disturbance, Miller Street, a caller reports a male party was assaulting a female motor vehicle operator, the responding officer reports that the man was attempting to prevent the intoxicated woman from driving the Jeep, the woman denied anything had happened and the owner of the vehicle (which had been disabled) was not present so it was towed to the police impound yard;
3:34 p.m.: fraud, Conner Avenue, a resident came to the station to report that her debit card has been compromised and significant funds have been taken from her account, the responding officer reports the complainant said that although she still has physical possession of her card she has been billed for a cell phone account she did not open, an incident report was filed;
4:02 p.m.: assist citizen, Broad Street, a caller reports finding a drivers license in West Springfield but said she is unable to bring it to a police station, the caller asked that the owner be contacted and given her phone number so she can return it, the responding officer reports there was no answer at the owner’s residence and he left a note;
6:51 p.m.: accident, Springfield Road at East Mountain Road, firefighters report an ambulance responding a call was struck by a motor vehicle, the responding officer report the ambulance was displaying flashing lights as it turned from Springfield Road to East Mountain Road and was struck by a westbound vehicle, the officer reports that the other operator said that she thought the ambulance was continuing eastbound, the second vehicle was occupied by three children 11 years-old or younger who suffered no apparent injuries but were transported to Baystate Noble Hospital with the operator, the operator was issued a citation;
8:11 p.m.: traffic complaint, Southampton Road, a caller reports that a traffic light near the turnpike entrance has been knocked down, the responding officer reports the traffic light standard has been destroyed along with two traffic signs;
9:06 p.m.: animal complaint, Springdale Road at Union Street, a caller reports he struck a deer with his vehicle, the responding officer reports the vehicle suffered no visible damage but the deer was killed, the officer reports an interested citizen took possession of the deer.

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