Police Log Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019

Major crime and incident report
Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019

12:49 a.m.: disturbance, Franklin Street, a caller reports about 15 persons are pushing one another in a parking lot, the responding officer reports a disturbance began when a local man attempted to crash a college party and escalated when he was told he was not welcome, the man reportedly began yelling and flailing his skateboard at the guests asking him to leave, Steven M. Raskauskas, 24, of 126 Union St., Apt. 0107, Westfield, was arrested for disorderly conduct;
1:21 a.m.: officer wanted, North Elm Street, a caller from a fast food restaurant requests an officer for a highly intoxicated customer who said she walked there because someone stole her vehicle, the responding officer asked that Agawam police be asked to meet him at the city border to provide the woman a courtesy transport to her home, Agawam police agreed and the transfer was effected;
1:54 a.m.: accident, Montgomery Road, a caller reports hearing an apparent vehicular crash simultaneous with the loss of electrical power, the responding officer requests an ambulance and reports a pickup truck struck a utility pole which has fallen and brought down a primary power line down on a barbed wire fence, the G&E dispatcher was advised and a crew was dispatched, the operator was transported to Holyoke Hospital, the truck was towed after 10:56 a.m. when the G&E crew completed the utility pole replacement;
2:26 a.m.: assist other police department, Westfield State University, Western Avenue, WSU police request the use of a cell for a prisoner, services rendered;
1:26 p.m.: found property, Westfield Police Department, 15 Washington St., an officer reports a bicycle was left in the station’s lobby by a person who left with a person who had been released from custody, the bicycle was stored for safe keeping;
4:33 p.m.: larceny, Springfield Road, a caller from a Springfield Road department store reports two women in a selfcheckout lane failed to scan a substantial amount of merchandise, the responding officer reports that he was able to watch in real-time on the store’s camera system as a woman failed to scan merchandise later found to be valued at $945.75, Emery E. Casanova-Lopez, 34, of 101 Mulberry St., Apt. 115, Springfield was arrested for shoplifting by recording false values;
5:37 p.m.: disturbance, Evergreen Drive, a caller reports an unwanted guest came into his residence and initiated a verbal altercation which escalated into a physical assault when the woman punched him and left when he called police, the officer reports he found the suspect as she arrived at her home and she appeared to be highly intoxicated, the woman denied the encounter had occurred, a criminal complaint for assault and battery was filed;
8:21 p.m.: disturbance, Baystate Noble Hospital Emergency Department, a caller from the hospital reports a highly intoxicated man who is not in need of medical assistance is being very uncooperative, the responding officer reports that the man had fled the hospital and a search of the area did not find him, see next entry;
9:04 p.m.: disturbance, Pearl Street, a caller reports her former boyfriend who she had to have removed earlier has returned and is again drinking alcohol, the woman said that the man had fled from the hospital with an IV port in his arm, the responding officer reports the man was found on Yale Street, he was returned to the hospital and placed in protective custody upon his release;
9:14 p.m.: disabled vehicle, a patrol officer requests a tow for a vehicle found to have expired registration after it was found parked in the street so as to deny access to the street by emergency vehicles, the vehicle was towed.

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