Police Log, Sunday, Oct. 31, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Sunday, Oct. 31, 2021


12:55 a.m.: college-related disturbance, Franklin Avenue, dispatch reports a noise complaint, the responding officer reports that the renters of a college apartment were attempting to kick people out when officers arrived, the officer reports that they assisted the renters in removing the rest of the guests from the apartment;

1:25 a.m.: college-related disturbance, Meadow Street, a caller reports a large gathering of college students disturbing his peace, the responding officer reports that at least 55 people were seen leaving upon his arrival, the officer reports that four people were cited for the noise complaint and fined $100;

8:16 a.m.: directed patrol, Lockhouse Road, a patrol officer reports that he pulled over a vehicle for speeding, the officer reports that the operator had an active warrant from the state of Vermont, the officer reports that Richard Dean Oathout, 35, of 9 Sherman St., Westfield, was placed under arrest for being a fugitive from justice on a court warrant;

7:01 p.m.: motor vehicle complaint, Leaview Drive, a caller reports that a motor vehicle accelerated at a group of children who were trick-or-treating before pulling into a driveway, the responding officer reports that the vehicle operator appeared intoxicated, the officer reports that the male party was acting arrogant about the fact that his vehicle was off and his keys were out of the ignition, and began filming the officer, the officer reports that he advised the male party of the dangers of drunk driving, especially on Halloween;

10:55 p.m.: disturbance, Southwick Road, a caller reports that someone assaulted her and the person may have a knife, a second caller reports that someone got out of a vehicle and broke the window to her own vehicle and pulled a knife on her, the responding officer reports that the suspect vehicle was pulled over, the officer reports that Isacc J. Ayala, 26, of 30 Pearl St., Chicopee, was placed under arrest for three outstanding warrants and malicious damage to a motor vehicle.



3:27 p.m.: fire, Lakeview Street, dispatch reports an illegal burn in an area of new houses.

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