Police Log Sunday, Sept. 6, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Sunday, Sept. 6, 2020


12:41 a.m.: suspicious activity, East Main Street, a patrol officer reports he observed a truck laden with tires leave the rear of a tire store and stopped it, the officer reports the operator said that he had permission from a relative who works at the store to take the tires, an officer reports he was able to speak with the manager of the store who recognized neither the operator’s name nor those of the persons he referenced, the operator’s license was found to have been suspended and the truck was towed to the police impound yard;
9:23 a.m.: animal complaint, Sgt. T.M. Dion Way, State Police report an injured hawk at the barracks, the responding animal control officer reports the bird was transported to the municipal animal shelter;
9:39 a.m.: city ordinance violation, Sherman Street, an officer reports he observed that residents who were issued a city ordinance violation citation the day before and again warned about the 10 unregistered vehicles, boat and two trailers on their property have taken no action, the officer reports he spoke with a resident different than the one he had spoken with previous day and repeated his warnings, another city ordinance violation citation was issued;
12:21 p.m.: animal complaint, East Silver Street, a caller reports a bald eagle is hanging upside down in a tree, the responding animal control officer reports the hawk “is in the process of having a very tasty squirrel for lunch and does not want to be disturbed”;
12:37 p.m.: fraud, Joseph Avenue, a caller reports she was scammed out of $1,000 the day before, the responding officer reports an incident report was filed;
2:13 p.m.: fire, Southwick Road, a caller reports a neighbor’s shed is on fire and gas canisters are inside, dual response dispatched, the responding firefighters report a police officer had knocked the fire down with a fire extinguisher prior to their arrival and they ensured that the fire was completely extinguished;
2:35 p.m.: abnormal behavior, Broad Street, a caller reports that a friend brought him two pints of vodka and requests an officer to come and take one because he is an alcoholic, the responding officer reports the caller was clearly intoxicated but able to care for himself, the officer advised the man to intersperse his drinks with glasses of water and said he would attempt to contact the caller’s case worker;
2:46 p.m.: past assault, Washington Street, a caller reports he was assaulted the night before, the responding officer reports the caller explained that he had poured a drink over a car parked where it should not have been parked and became involved in a heated conversation with the operator who subsequently poured chocolate milk over five parked cars, the landlord was advised that he could have the car (which apparently belongs to a Church Street resident) privately towed;
6:52 p.m.: suspicious person, Union Street, a caller reports a man is attempting to flag down vehicles, the responding officer reports he provided an East Longmeadow resident a courtesy transport to the West Springfield border;
7:41 p.m.: fireworks, Alquat Street at Falley Drive, multiple callers report fireworks, the responding officer reports no fireworks were observed but there may have been some in the Pontoosic Road area;
8:01 p.m.: breaking and entering, Clinton Avenue, a caller reports she has video evidence that a neighbor entered her home and released her dogs, the responding officer reports the video shows a known woman enter the porch and emerge soon after with all the caller’s dogs, the officer reports he attempted to speak with the suspect who was found to be too intoxicated to carry on a conversation, the officer spoke with the suspect’s boyfriend who said that he had not been involved but was aware of the incident and agreed to care for the suspect, the caller said that she did not wish to pursue criminal charges but wants assurances that the suspect’s actions will not be repeated, the officer offered to serve the suspect with a ‘No trespassing’ order and the caller was satisfied;
8:51 p.m.: disturbance, Elm Street, multiple callers report a large fight, the responding officer reports an argument between youths representing different ethnic groups was defused before a physical altercation ensued and the participants were advised to stay away from one another;
10:49 p.m.: parking violation, Washington Street, a vehicle was found to be parked in the police station parking lot in violation of a sign announcing the area to be parking for police business only, the operator was found to have parked there to access college housing, a citation was issued.



2:11 a.m.: general service, Sawgrass Lane, an officer observed an open garage door and informed the resident;

2:15 a.m.: well being check, College Highway, Granby, Conn. EMS alerted Southwick police to a female walking alone northbound from Southwick Inn, a responding officer reports the woman was taking a walk and all was in order;

5:02 a.m.: concerned citizen, College Highway and Nicholson Hill Road, a motorist reports a deer in the roadway and not other vehicles in the area.

7:35 a.m.: alarm, Town Beach, the concession stand alarm sounded, manager was on site and all in order;

8:51 a.m.: escort, South Longyard Road, an officer escorted a female who was retrieving belongings from her previous residence;

11:03 a.m.: animal complaint, College Highway, a motorist was advised not to leave their dog in a hot vehicle;

11:29 a.m.: watercraft violation, Middle Pond, kayakers were advised regarding personal floatation devices;

11:38 a.m.: area check, College Highway, an officer observed 170 vehicles in a church parking lot;

12:12 p.m.: area check, College Highway, a church was observed to have 300 people inside without masks or social distancing, police alerted the Board of Health;

1:53 p.m.: an officer issued a verbal warning to kayakers on Middle Pond without personal floatation devices, a similar warning was issued on South Pond;

6:08 p.m.: accident, Tannery Road, a female motorist was found unconscious at the scene of a one-car accident, the road was closed on the Southwick and Westfield ends while the woman was transported and the vehicle towed;

7:55 p.m.: fireworks complaint, Lakeview Street, a resident reports neighbors setting off fireworks;

10:34 p.m.: officer wanted, Congamond Road, after police broke up an underage party with alcohol in a parking lot on College Highway, a resident of nearby Congamond Road reports finding an underage female hiding in her greenhouse.

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