Police Log, Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021


10:14 a.m.: warrant service, Washington Street, a police officer reports that a male party with an active warrant for his arrest was in the Westfield Police Headquarters lobby, the officer reports that Michael Thomas Boedeker, 43, of 51 Hamilton St., Holyoke, was placed under arrest for an active warrant and for being a fugitive from justice in the state of Texas;

1:04 p.m.: animal complaint, East Street, dispatch reports that a Westfield animal control officer is assisting Southampton with an injured bird, the animal control officer reports that she brought the injured heron back to the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter for treatment;

6:43 p.m.: animal complaint, Medeiros Way, a caller reports that she was working when she came upon a loose dog with no collar or ID, the responding animal control officer reports that the dog was transported to the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter.



8:03 p.m.: suspicious activity, Pondview Lane, a caller reports three boys fishing in a private pond; police advise the youths that the pond is private property;

10:08 p.m.: suspicious vehicle, College Highway, a caller reports an unoccupied van parked on grass; van owner thought the lawn was part of a car dealership and will move the van.

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