Police Log Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020

9:05 a.m.: accident, East Main Street at Little River Road, a caller reports a two-car crash, the responding officer reports one person was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital;
10:02 a.m.: larceny, Sander Road, a caller reports a package delivered to her home was stolen before she collected it, the responding officer reports an incident report was filed;
10:09 a.m.: animal complaint, Beveridge Boulevard, a caller reports that a door was left open at a neighboring condominium which is being renovated and several feral cats have entered it, the responding animal control officer reports one cat fled when she entered but no others were found, the ACO reports the door was closed but notes that it does not latch properly;
10:56 a.m.: suspicious vehicle, Springfield Road, a patrol officer reports he observed an occupied vehicle in a parking lot and investigated to find a homeless person who had spent the night in the vehicle, the officer noted that the woman’s license was suspended and she said she has friends who will help her move the car;
11:09 a.m.: animal complaint, Southampton Road, a caller reports a stray black and white dog, the responding animal control officer reports a black and white Labrador retriever dog was taken to the municipal animal shelter;
12:35 p.m.: found property, Parkside Avenue, a caller reports finding two hypodermic needles near parked vehicles, the responding officer reports he took custody of the needles for proper disposal;
1:06 p.m.: violation of a protective order, Linden Avenue, a resident came to the station to complain that the defendant of a protective order has been sending her text messages, the responding officer reports the protective order was confirmed and a criminal complaint was filed;
1:27 p.m.: notification, Baystate Noble Hospital, Court Street, an officer reports that a defendant located in the emergency department was served with a protective order;
8:08 p.m.: notification, Green Avenue, an officer detailed to serve a protective order reports the defendant was located, the order was served and the officer explained the terms of the order.

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