Police Log Thursday, July 16, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Thursday, July 16, 2020


8:33 a.m.: vandalism, Half Mile Falls Park, North Elm Street, a caller from the DPW reports workers are removing soap suds from a fountain at the park where a number of empty dish detergent bottles have been found, an incident report was filed;
4:21 p.m.: fire, North Elm Street, a caller from a gas station/convenience store report a car is on fire near a gas pump, the responding firefighters report finding a smoldering fire in a car a distance from the pumps, the operator said that he had seen smoke coming from the engine compartment and found flames when he opened the hood which he attempted to extinguish with water, the firefights completed the extinguishment of the fire;
4:58 p.m.: officer wanted, Southampton Road, a caller reports some of her mail has been taken and a bicycle is missing, the responding officer reports the complainant said that she has been granted a restraining order barring her former boyfriend from the residence and she suspects he sent somebody to her home to take the mail and his bicycle, an incident report was filed;
6:09 p.m.: assault, Union Avenue, a called reports she was assaulted by a neighbor, the responding office reports a physical altercation between two former friends did not result in significant injury, no charges were filed;
7:03 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Main Street, patrol officers report they stopped to speak with a person who appeared be drinking alcohol in public and found the man to to be the subject of an active warrant issued in 2020 by the Westfield district court, a verbal warning was issued for the city ordinance violation and Adam W. Sullivan, 39, of 151 Franklin St., Westfield, was arrested on the warrant.

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