Police Log Thursday, July 23, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Thursday, July 23, 2020


8:04 a.m.: traffic complaint, Elm Street at Emery Street, a traffic enforcement officer monitoring traffic for operators using cell phones reports a vehicle with expired and non-renewable registration was towed to the police impound yard, the officer also reports that two written warnings and one verbal warning were issued to operators seen using cell phones while driving, a second officer monitoring traffic for similar offenses at Elm Street at Meadow street reports one written warning and three verbal warnings were issued ;
8:56 a.m.: breaking and entering, Sunbriar Lane, a detective reports that as part of ongoing investigation into incidents of stolen cars and breaking and entering of motor vehicles reports an unreported incident in which property had been stolen, the detective reports the property was found in a stolen vehicle which was recovered;
11:34 a.m.: larceny, Russell Road, a caller from a automobile repair business reports a dealer registration plate was stolen from a vehicle overnight, the responding officer report an incident report was filed;
11:47 a.m.: vandalism, East Main Street, a Holyoke resident came to the station to complain that his vehicle was vandalized in the parking lot of an East Main Street store, the responding officer reports the paint of the complainant’s car was damaged when a sticker was scraped off it, the incident was referred to the detective bureau;
1:07 p.m.: animal complaint, Woodsong Road, an animal control officer reports she responded to a complaint of a rooster and found that the residents have rooster when they said they are working to re-home the roosters to a friend’s farm, the residents were encouraged to find a new home for the roosters promptly;
1:32 p.m.: larceny, West Road, a resident came to the station to complain of larceny from her bank account, the responding officer reports eight unauthorized withdrawals were made from the victim’s account in Australia, an incident report was filed;
5:10 p.m.: disturbance, Broad Street, a caller from a nursing home reports an aggressive male party is threatening staff members and creating a disturbance, the responding officer reports the man was found nearby and served with a ‘No trespassing’ order for the nursing home property;
7:43 p.m.: noise complaint, Scenic Road, a call reports a neighbor’s music is making his house shake, the responding officer reports he spoke with a resident who was hosting a party to celebrate his wedding, the officer reports the man was cooperative and the music volume was lowered.



10:51 a.m.: investigation, Deer Run, a carbon monoxide detector sounded due to a power failure, a similar investigation was conducted on Lauren Lane and Woodside Circle;

11:18 a.m.: disorderly person, College Highway, a caller reports a silver pickup truck at a fast food restaurant has caused a disturbance at the drive-through on several occasions by yelling at employees and refusing to move through the line;

5:02 p.m.: officer wanted, Fred Jackson Road, a caller requested an officer to assist in obtaining information regarding a hot dog cart he purchased;

8:51 p.m.: animal complaint, Foster Road, a black lab is running through the road;

8:54 p.m.: officer wanted, Miller Road, a caller states a known intoxicated person came to his door threatened him then left in a pickup truck.

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