Police Log Thursday, June 18, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Thursday, June 18, 2020


3:15 a.m.: assist resident, Elm Street, a patrol officer reports he was approached by a teenaged boy who said he had no way to get to his parent’s Lockhouse Road home and requested transport, a supervisor approved the request and a courtesy transport was provided;
5:48 a.m.: fire, Brand Street, a caller from a group home reports a mulch fire, dual response dispatched, the responding firefighters report residents had extinguished the fire prior to their arrival;
6:24 a.m.: accident, Montgomery Road, a caller reports a car struck a utility pole and rolled over, dual response dispatched, the responding officer reports one person was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital and the car was towed to the police impound yard, a G&E representative was notified of damage to the pole;
11:46 a.m.: assist resident, Springfield Road, a detail officer reports he was approached by a resident who said that he had taken a lawn mower to a small engine repair shop co-located with a business which is now closed and has been unable to retrieve his property, the responding officer reports that the last known address of the repair shop owner is in Granville and the police chief there reports that such complaints are very common, an investigation is ongoing;
12:14 p.m.: fire, Llewellyn Drive, firefighters responding to a report of smoke report a resident was found to be burning leaves in a stone pit, the resident was advised of the pertinent regulations and extinguished his fire;
1:00 p.m.: found property, a resident came to the station to surrender an Apple iPad found on Elm Street, the tablet computer was stored for safe keeping;
2:23 p.m.: assist other agency, Casimir Street, the Community Service Unit supervisor report in response to a complaint from the city’s License Commission of a resident selling chocolate covered strawberries which are either infused with alcohol or accompanied by a small bottle of alcohol, the offer reports he spoke with the suspect who readily acknowledged such sales to help her pay her bills, the officer advised the woman to cease and desist and provided her with contact information for city agencies which would have to provide authority to resume such sales;
2:45 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Whitney Playground, Shepard Street, a Community Service Unit officer reports he observed a family of five picnicking and swimming in the river, the officer reports he advised the mother of the pertinent city ordinances and she was cooperative and ended the swimming;
4:06 p.m.: larceny, Elm Street, a caller from an Elm Street drug store reports three women entered the store and each left with merchandise which was not paid for, the responding officer reports the registration number of the vehicle the three women left in was recorded, see next entry;
4:42 p.m.: larceny, East Main Street, a caller from an East Main Street drug store reports three women left with merchandise which was not paid for, the responding officer reports the registration number of the vehicle the three women left in is similar to one reported in a recent similar theft, the vehicle was stopped on Main Street, Christine Jajoute, 21, of 760 E 82, Brooklyn, N.Y., Shaquana Q. John, 23 of 2121 Shore Parkway, Apt. #7C, Brooklyn, N.Y., Nea Shaday Sutton, 23, of 160 Scholes St. Apt. #3C, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Sierra C. Simmons, 22, of 429 Dumont Ave, Apt. 9E, Brooklyn, N.Y., were each arrested for larceny of property valued more than $1,200;
4:08 p.m.: restraining order service, Bush Street, officers detailed to serve a restraining order reports the order was served and read to the recipient;
5:37 p.m.: assist other agency, Southampton Road, Department of Children and Family staff request assistance while taking custody of two children, the responding officer reports he explained the process facing her to the mother;
7:16 p.m.: noise complaint, Phillip Avenue, a caller reports loud music is disturbing his peace, the responding officer reports a resident working out in his garage was advised of the complaint and turned down his music;
7:25 p.m.: restraining order service, Birch Bluffs Drive, an officer detailed to serve a restraining order reports the order was served and read to the involved person.


7:10 a.m.: concerned citizen, Depot Street, a caller reports an erratic driver passed her at a high rate of speed eastbound on Mountain Road in Suffield, Conn., Suffield police were advised;

2:37 p.m.: officer wanted, Depot Street police headquarters, a resident stated he believes two weeks ago his internet based alarm sensor was disabled by an unknown person, the reporting party said he spoke with the alarm internet based company and they could not provide any information about how it happened, he further said about two weeks ago his video system showed a person walk around his house and he was not sure if this was related, he wanted this documented for the record and was advised to follow up with the alarm company regarding a firewall for his internet system or service related to the company that sells the services.

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