Police log Thursday, June 24, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Thursday, June 24, 2021


9:05 a.m.: motor vehicle violations, Root Road, multiple callers report a motor vehicle swerving all over the road and almost causing multiple accidents, the responding officer reports that the vehicle was pulled over and was having an apparent mechanical issue, the officer reports that she issue a warning citation to the vehicle’s operator while a tow truck was en route to remove the vehicle from the scene;

10:03 a.m.: animal complaint, Alquat Street, a caller reports that there is a loose brown lab type dog wandering in the area and being aggressive towards people, the responding animal control officer reports that she was unable to locate the dog but that she left a door notice on the residence that is believed to own the dog;

11:18 a.m.: suspicious, Pequot Point Road, a caller reports that somebody has stuck several hotdogs impaled on plastic forks into the ground on her lawn and the lawns of some of her neighbors, the responding officer reports that there were more hotdogs impaled into lawns on New Broadway Road and Long Pond Road, the officer reports that he was unsure if the hotdogs were part of a prank or if someone is attempting to somehow poison animals or have them choke on the forks, the officer reports that the caller took some of the hotdogs in a biohazard bag in case any neighborhood dogs suddenly become ill and evidence is needed;

1:13 p.m.: animal complaint, Paper Street, a caller reports that a loose ferret named Lucky wandered back into her yard, the responding animal control officer reports that she retrieved the ferret and transported it to the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter.


1:14 a.m.: officer wanted, College Highway, a resident reports her ex boyfriend refuses to give back her car keys and he locked himself in the apartment.

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