Police log Thursday, May 6, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Thursday, May 6, 2021


7:43 a.m.: accident, Airport Road, a caller reports that a motorcyclist lost control of their vehicle and went off the road, the caller reports that the motorcyclist is breathing but unconscious, the responding ambulance reports that one person was transported to Baystate Medical Center, the responding officer reports that a tow truck was requested to remove the motorcycle from the scene;

11:23 a.m.: animal complaint, Springfield Road, a caller reports that there is a racoon in the parking lot and it appears dazed and confused, the responding animal control officer reports that the baby raccoon was transferred to a veterinarian for treatment before being sent to a wildlife rehabber;

11:31 a.m.: traffic complaint, East Mountain Road, a caller reports that a dump truck lost a load of trap rock and covered both lanes of travel, dispatch reports that a foreman from the Department of Public Works would respond to assess the situation, dispatch reports that a street sweeping service would respond to clean up the roadway;

3:22 p.m.: animal complaint, Ponders Hollow Road, a caller reports that they are bringing a stray cat to the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter after they found the cat in the parking lot of a Ponders Hollow Road bike trail, the caller reports that the black cat has a flea collar on;

7:19 p.m.: warrant service, Belmont Street, dispatch reports that officers will be attempting to serve an arrest warrant on Belmont Street, the officers report that Justin M. Cushman, 33, of 12 Belmont St., Westfield was placed under arrest under an active warrant;

9:34 p.m.: animal complaint, Granville Road, a female party reports that she found a cat without any tags in the area of Granville Road near Highland Elementary School, the responding officer reports that he dropped off the cat at the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter.


8:55 a.m.: animal complaint, Fernwood Road, a dog bite was reported;

12:15 p.m.: animal complaint, Hastings Road, a caller reports two pigs running down the road, the owner was located;

1:13 p.m.: animal complaint, Hillside Road, a stray dog was reported and returned to its owner;

5:53 p.m.: animal complaint, Vining Hill Road, a loose horse in the roadway was corralled and returned to its owner.

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