Police Log Thursday, May 7, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Thursday, May 7, 2020


12:03 a.m.: suspicious activity, Mallard Lane, a caller reports that while jogging in his neighborhood he heard someone screaming intermittently, the caller stated that no words were intelligible and he could not be sure if the screaming was human or animal, the responding officers report a fox had been making the noise;
10:30 a.m.: assist other agency, Springfield Road, the Community Service Unit supervisor reports he counted 192 vehicles in the parking lot of a Springfield Road department store and spoke with the door attendant at the supermarket there who said there were 179 customers in the store;
11:04 a.m.: trespassing, Sackett Street, the Community Service Unit supervisor reports that he spoke with three homeless persons who had set up an encampment on city property, the officer advised the squatters that they could not camp on any city owned parks or playgrounds and they left the area;
11:07 a.m.: suspicious person, Conner Avenue, a caller reports a male party knocked at her back window and when she responded he asked for money, the responding officer reports the man was found nearby and advised of the complaint through an interpreter, the man was told not to panhandle;
12:32 p.m.: trespassing, Elm Street, a caller reports persons squatting behind a business, the responding officer reports nobody was initially found but a subsequent check revealed a homeless couple who said that they had only returned to collect property they had stashed after hey had been obliged leave public property where they had set up a camp, a representative of the business elected not to issue a ‘No trespassing’ order which had been prepared;
1:50 p.m.: document service, Lowell Avenue, an officer detailed to serve an extension of a protective order reports the subject was located and served;
2:32 p.m.: larceny, Southampton Road, a caller from a discount store reports a male party shoplifted laundry detergent valued at $50-$75 and left in a described vehicle, the responding officer reports the operator of the vehicle was tentatively identified, the incident was referred to the Detective Bureau;
2:52 p.m.: animal complaint, Scenic Road, a delivery driver reports a small dog approached him suddenly and bit his leg, the responding animal control officer reports the dog was found at it’s home and the owner said that a landscaper had left a gate open allowing the dog to roam, the owner was advised of quarantine restrictions;
4:21 p.m.: larceny, Main Street, a supermarket employee reports a male party attempted to leave the store with steaks valued at $118 which had not been paid for, the caller said that she recovered the meat and described the suspect who left on foot, the responding officer reports a search of the area did not reveal a suspect;
5:44 p.m.: disturbance, East Main Street, a caller from an East Main Street fast-food restaurant reports two un-masked men who entered the restaurant became verbally vulgar when politely advised that face covering was required inside the restaurant, the responding officer reports he observed a container of marijuana and an open container of alcohol in the men’s vehicle and advised them of their peril in that regard before they left the area;
6:59 p.m.: code enforcement, municipal playground, Hubbard Street, a caller reports 15 youths using the playground equipment are not wearing masks nor keeping a social distance, the responding officer reports finding four youths and found that a school custodian said that the youths fit the description of boys he had seen on the roof of Westfield Technical Academy, the officer reports the boys refused to identify themselves and made rude remarks and gestures towards him before they left riding skateboards in the middle of the street without regard to his instructions to stay out of the roadway, one boy was identified but efforts to speak with his parent were not immediately successful;
8:04 p.m.: disturbance, East Main Street, a caller reports while he and his girlfriend were in an area behind the shopping center a male party came out of the woods yelling at him while wielding mace in one hand and a pole with a blade attached in the other, the responding officer reports the incident was an issue between homeless persons over “turf” as the caller was attempting to establish an encampment in an area claimed by another homeless man, the caller and his girlfriend left to find another place to camp;
9:40 p.m.: officer wanted, Franklin Street, a caller from a Franklin Street liquor store reports an intoxicated male party who has repeatedly been asked to leave the store is now blocking the parking lot with his vehicle and is refusing to leave, the responding officer reports a ‘No trespassing’ order was served.



8:20 a.m.: search, South Pond, police resumed its searching for a missing person.
8:34 p.m.: officer wanted, North Loomis Street, a resident reports the house and vehicles were egged.
11:24 a.m.: fire, Lauren Lane, a caller reports a basement fire caused by a heat lamp that fell into a tub, the caller stated the fire was out but there was smoke in the basement, fire personnel found a thin haze of smoke and advised the family to evacuate to vent the house.
2:21 p.m.: officer wanted, Depot Street, a person requested to speak with an officer regarding child custody concerns.

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