Police Log Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020


1:01 a.m.: disturbance, Chapel Street, a caller reports 20-30 college aged participant are fighting with mention of weapons, the responding officers report the altercation had been verbal and persons fled upon their arrival;
7:36 a.m.: identity fraud, Putnam Drive, a resident reports via the on-line reporting option that he applied for unemployment assistance and found that a claim had already been filed in his name, the responding detective reports the man was advised of his reporting options;
8:08 a.m.: animal complaint, Phillip Avenue, a caller reports a baby skunk appears to be injured, the responding animal control officer reports the skunk was transported to the municipal animal shelter;
8:47 a.m.: trespassing, Meadow Street, an officer detailed to serve a ‘No trespassing’ order reports the subject was served in hand and surrendered keys to the relevant business without incident, the man was advised to refrain from harassing a specific employee at the business, the keys were transferred to the owner;
10:00 a.m.: electrical hazard, First Avenue, a caller reports the G&E has been notified that an above-ground electrical service is on fire, dual response dispatched, the responding firefighters report the G&E can deal with the problem and cleared the area, the responding officer reports the property owner will arrange to have the melted conduit repaired;
10:14 a.m. assist motorist, Springfield Road, a motorist reports he pulled into a lay by on Springfield Road and now cannot exit due to heavy traffic, the responding officer reports he stopped traffic to allow the motorist to exit the rest area;
1:14 p.m.: vandalism, Grandmothers’ Garden, Smith Avenue, a detective reports he was advised of new vandalism to the gazebo area at the park and the caller would like the vandalism documented but does not request a formal report, the responding officer reports a a name was apparently written in dripped candle wax on the ground but no permanent damage resulted;
8:55 p.m.: disturbance, Mechanic Street, a caller reports a large number of college aged persons are partying on the street and sidewalk, the responding officer reports he advised a person of the complaint who turned music (which was not exceedingly loud) off.


10:56 a.m.: suspicious vehicle, Granville Road, a caller reports a white SUV stopping in front of houses on Granville Road, the responding officer reports it is an Eversource employee checking lines;

11:20 a.m.: assist citizen, Depot Street, a motorist sought advice on getting a non-registered vehicle home, police had the owner bring the vehicle behind the station and have it towed from there;

12:46 p.m.: complaint, College Highway, a caller reports a female was driving a vehicle with an unrestrained child age two years or younger in the front seat headed south, police could not locate the vehicle;

1:08 p.m.: a restraining order was served at the police station on Depot Street;

4:04 p.m.: boat accident, Middle Pond, a water incident with injury took place, environmental police were on the scene;

4:48 p.m.: scam, College Highway, a caller reports a possible social security scam phone call;

5:05 p.m.: officer wanted, Rising Corner Road, a caller reports something in the road that appears to be a firearm, there was no object in the road on police arrival;

9:55 p.m.: suspicious person, Meadow Lane, a resident reports a make and female on their property which was also on video, police could not locate the subjects;

10:06 p.m.: well being check, Berkshire Avenue, a male laying in the road was given a courtesy transport home.

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