Police Log Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Tuesday, July 7, 2020


2:12 a.m.: traffic complaint, Franklin Street, a supervisory officer reports he stopped two skateboarders who had been riding in the center of the roadway, the officer reports he advised the skateboarders of the dangers and possible consequences of their behavior;
3:01 a.m.: noise complaint, Shepard Street, a caller reports a neighbor just began playing music loudly, the responding officer reports he was met by the neighbor in question who said that he realized his music was too loud when he saw the cruiser arrive and had turned it off;
9:36 a.m.: animal complaint, Main Street, a caller reports he brought a stray/feral cat indoors and fed it and it is now growling at him, the responding animal control officer reports the cat was transported to the municipal animal shelter;
12:06 p.m.: found property, Westfield Police Department, Washington Street, an officer reports a credit card was left at the door of the station, the owner was identified but could not be immediately contacted;
12:52 p.m.: animal complaint, Meadow Street, an animal control officer reports she took custody of an injured kitten and transported it to the municipal animal shelter;
5:05 p.m.: fireworks, Chapman Playground, St. Paul Street, a caller reports a group of youths discharged fireworks at the basketball court, the responding officer reports the youths were not found in the area;
5:52 p.m.: larceny, East Silver Street, a caller from a supermarket reports a male party was seen filling his pockets with merchandise, the responding officer reports the suspect was located on Broad Street and served with a ‘No trespassing’ order as the store management chose not to pursue criminal charges;
6:19 p.m.: arrest, Franklin Street, an officer detailed to serve a restraining order reports two persons were found to be the subjects of outstanding warrants, Mark A. Nikiel, 46, of 101 Franklin St., 2nd Floor, was arrested on two warrants issued in 2020 by the Westfield District Court, Andrea Marie Criscio, 31, of of 101 Franklin St., 2nd Floor, was arrested on a warrant issued in 2020 by the Holyoke district court;
6:54 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Meadow Street at Dubois Street, a patrol officer reports a motor vehicle operator was found to have a suspended license, the car was towed to the police impound yard;
11:49 p.m.: suspicious persons, Colony Drive, a caller reports he caught a group of children “pool hopping” in his pool and they had damaged his fence before they fled, the responding officer reports a search of the area revealed a youth who fled into a house when he saw the officer, the officer reports initially nobody answered the door but eventually a homeowner responded and seemed to know what had transpired before the officer informed her, the woman said that she did not know where the youths were but when pressed went into the basement and six male youths emerged who were identified by the caller as the trespassers, the complainant said that the youths had trespassed in his pool previously and declined offered restitution saying that he only wanted the boys to stay off his property.

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