Police Log Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Tuesday, June 23, 2020


9:41 a.m.: assist other agency, Meadow Street, officers were detailed to seek a person ordered to be at Westfield District Court, the officers report the man was found at a Meadow Street residence and transported to the court;
11:55 a.m.: incapacitated person, Mechanic Street, a caller reports a person appears to be overdosing or is otherwise in distress, the responding officer reports the man declined medical assistance but was found to be the subject of an outstanding warrant, Wayne Litwak, 50, of 20 Birchwood Road, Southwick, was arrested on the warrant;
12:30 p.m.: animal complaint, Loomis Ridge, an animal control officer reports she responded to a report of a resident baiting bears and spoke with a resident who said he enjoys watching bird and has several bird feeders which he said he takes down at night, the man said that a couple of bears have passed through his property this year but he dose not mind their visits and has had no issues with them in the 18 years he has been feeding the birds, the ACO advised him of the attendant hazards with his actions and reports she advised environmental police of the situation;
1:26 p.m.: larceny, Shepard Street, a caller reports there has been suspicious activity near her home recently and earlier in the day someone apparently entered her home and stole coins from her daughter’s purse, the responding officer reports the caller said that her daughter’s Apple watch was also stolen from the purse, an incident report was filed;
1:35 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Whitney Playground, Sackett Street, a Community Service Unit supervisory officer reports he encountered a family of six swimming in the river who left without incident when asked to, the officer reports he also advised the occupants of four vehicles parked nearby of the pertinent city ordinances, the officer reports a routine check of the vehicles revealed the registration of one had been revoked for lack of insurance and it was towed to the police impound yard;
2:09 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Whitney Playground, Sackett Street, a Community Service Unit supervisory officer reports he encountered a out-of-town family of 12 swimming in the river, the officer report the swimmers were cooperative when advised of the pertinent city ordinances and, when asked how they learned of the swimming spot, said that they had found it by an internet search, the officer reports he contacted a Health Department official who agreed to post signs in the area banning swimming, the officer also requested that Park and Recreation department officials arrange to have Jersey barriers emplaced to prevent vehicles from parking near the riverbank;
3:28 p.m.: larceny, East Main Street, a caller reports his phone was stolen by a person he was socializing with at a fast food restaurant,, the responding officer reports the complainant said that an identified friend had asked to use his cellphone and then fled with it, the officer was provided the suspect’s phone number and when he spoke with the suspect was told that he had been playing a prank on his friend who had left when he returned give it back to him, the officer advised the prankster of the potential serious consequences of his actions;
4:03 p.m.: public service, Main Street, an officer reports that he spoke with the proprietor of a Main Street business who complained of persons sitting on benches outside her store, the officer reports that while he was there a known person wearing only shorts arrived in his wheelchair and started to use a bench as a picnic table, the officer advised the man to gather his property and leave the area and also told him tell his friends that they may no longer congregate there;
5:29 p.m.: harassment, Hillside Road, a caller requests an officer to discuss a neighbor who repeatedly harasses her and yells profanities at her, the officer reports the caller detailed the man’s actions and was advised of her options in terms of an harassment prevention order, the officer also spoke with the suspect who was unrepentant, agitated, loud, and did not answer his questions, the officer reports the man cited his First Amendment rights and and asserted that he can call his neighbor any names he wants to while continually insulting the officer, the officer provided the complainant with the call numbers of her current and previous complaints to support her request for an harassment protection order;
6:49 p.m.: found property, Russell Road, a caller reports that one of the fire departments which responded to a recent fire at a Woronoco mill apparently left a cooler containing water on Russell Road, the responding officer reports the Northampton control agency was notified to try to determine which department the cooler belongs to;
9:27 p.m.: fireworks, Union Avenue, a officer reports an attempt to address the use of fireworks in the area did not immediately identify a suspect;
10:00 p.m.: accident, Union Street, a patrol officer report the operator of a vehicle which crashed into a utility pole fled on foot, the Connecticut registration plate on the car was found to have been issued to another vehicle and was suspended for lack of insurance, the crashed car was identified and its registration was found to be expired, the car was towed to the police impound yard;
11:01 p.m.: noise complaint, Klondike Avenue, a caller reports 4-5 persons around a fire are making too much noise, the responding officer reports persons found with a citronella candle were quiet when he arrived and agreed to turn off their quiet music when they were advised the complaint.



8:28 p.m.: larceny, Shaggbark Drive, a resident reorts a laptop was stolen from his parked motor vehicle sometime during the night, the resident is certain the vehicle was locked;

9:36 a.m.: animal complaint, Berkshire Avenue, a resident reports his dog was in a fight with a woodchuck, the woodchuck was dispatched and sent for testing;

9:50 a.m.: officer wanted, Berkshire Avenue, a caller complained that her brother yells at the realtor and potential home buyers when the family home is shown for sale, officers advised her of the civil process and possible trespass notice;

11:09 a.m.: animal complaint, Tannery Road, a caller reports dog abuse at a home where a dog was left outdoors in the heat without water or shelter, a written warning was issued;

12:58 p.m.: animal complaint, Village Pizza parking lot, a small white dog is running loose and may belong on Cedar Street;

2:05 p.m.: suspicious activity, South Road, a caller reported to police that his daughter was concerned with a pickup truck with a male subject was in the parking lot at the residence “for a long time,” when the caller arrived home, the truck was there but empty, a plate check found the license plate was registered to a different vehicle, it was determined after speaking with the property manager that the person in question was an employee who was working;

2:31 p.m.: general services, Granville Gorge, a aomplaint that trash was not collected at the Gorge was registered and the Conservation Commission notified;

9:18 p.m.: recreational vehicle complaint, Lauren Lane, two golf carts and several youths reported on the roadway, police advised subjects of the violation.

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